Quest: Power Shower

  Quest Rewards +30 Strength +25 Health +20 Spirit Start the day off feeling refreshed and pumped.   Quest Briefing Let me tell you, comrade. For most of my life, …Read more


Quest: A Penny Saved

  Quest Rewards +50 Abundance +30 Discipline Go an entire day without spending a single cent.   Quest Briefing It’s amazing how much we rely on money just to get …Read more


Quest: So Tasty!

  Quest Rewards +20 Health +10 Focus Learn how you can enjoy your food more, as well as gain the maximum benefit from eating it.   Quest Briefing Here’s a …Read more


Quest: Letter to Myself

  Quest Rewards +30 Focus +20 Self-Awareness A chance to have a conversation with your future self.   Quest Briefing Let’s get real here, comrade. You haven’t been real with …Read more


Experiment: Gone Vegan

Main Objective: Improve my digestive system, increase my energy levels, and experience overall positive health effects. Sub Goals: 1) Eat more vegetables. 2) Engage in a planet-friendly diet. 3) Honor …Read more


Parable: Fools Rush In

On a calm, cool afternoon, the people gathered around as the village elder lay on his deathbed. “My sons… My daughters… *cough, cough, cough* … it has been a blessing …Read more


Quest: Skillz to Pay the Bills

Quest Rewards +30 Abundance +20 Confidence +20 Satisfaction Earn some cash and a heightened sense of self-worth.   Quest Briefing What if I told you that you possess mystical abilities to …Read more


Quest: Grand Opening

  Quest Rewards +20 Abundance +10 Satisfaction Earn some cash and feel good doing it!   Quest Briefing Hey I have a fun idea for you if you’re looking for something …Read more