Quest: What Goes Around

Quest Rewards +20 Abundance +20 Love +20 Joy You will have a lot of fun helping to brighten someone else’s day with a surprise gift from “the universe”.   Quest …Read more


Quest: Spare Change

Quest Rewards +40 Karma +30 Love +20 Happiness +10 Abundance You’ll feel great about yourself and you’ll help someone else find their way in this world just a little bit …Read more


Quest: Snow Friendly

Quest Rewards +50 Karma +30 Love +20 Happiness You will be blessed with a warmer heart and a greater connection to all people.   Quest Briefing Brr…it’s c..c..cold out here, …Read more


Quest: Smell the Roses

Quest Rewards +40 Discipline +30 Focus +30 Wisdom You will have a chance to become extremely present in the enjoyment of creation. This will bring you a higher perspective in …Read more


Experiment: Quitting Coffee

Main Objective: To observe the effects that coffee has on the body by completely eliminating it from my diet. Sub Goals: Attain more energy levels. Improve my mood. Rehydrate myself. …Read more

Power of Words

Quest: A Reason to Write

Quest Rewards +20 Self-Awareness +15 Clarity Enjoy insights into things your subconscious mind might be telling you. See if you can achieve any clarity regarding things that are on your …Read more


Quest: A Reason to Draw

Quest Rewards +20 Creativity +15 Self-Awareness You’ll go on a journey into your subconscious mind. And you’ll also engage in a fun activity to boost your creative potential.   Quest …Read more


Quest: Occupy Home

Quest Rewards +15 Creativity +10 Patience +10 Inspiration You will gain a boost of inspiration and creativity because your mind temporarily breaks out of its normal mode of operation.   …Read more