A Thought Provoking Way to Create Your Vision

Here’s an interesting thought: what if anything you had ever dreamed of can be accomplished in a finite number of years?

Whether that number of years is more than your human lifespan is unknown.

But if you look around you at all of the amazing things that people have accomplished, a fair portion of them have done it in twenty years or less.

That’s interesting, isn’t it?

And, surely, most people’s goals would be not nearly as lofty as some of the things that a single human being has done within twenty years.

So what stops them? Is it just that they think that they’re not as good as the people who have done great things?

What if you believed in yourself to the degree that many well-accomplished people do? What would that do for your life?

Would your life be the same as it is now, or completely different?

What if no matter what it is that you wanted to accomplish in this lifetime, that you had undeniable proof that you could get it done in under 20 years. Would you work towards it?

The way I look at my own life, I think about many things that I want to experience and accomplish. These things are on a timeline and I might complete them all or I might not.

But why would I not go after my vision anyway? Why would I want to sit on my deathbed wondering what my life (and the lives of all those I touched along the way) would have been like if only I would have given it a shot?

That’s a fate worse than death, man!

What I’ve finally realized about my life is that it is, in fact, a journey. A long journey…a journey that begins at birth and doesn’t end until death. And it probably even extends beyond that as well.

But no matter what it is you want to create, or what it is you want to do, your life will ultimately be filled with unavoidable challenges, setbacks, and failures.

So why wouldn’t you try to complete your vision?

And for that matter, why wouldn’t you keep trying for twenty years?

What if you gave it 100 years?

Ask yourself: what is the craziest thing you could imagine yourself achieving? Do you think you can get it done in the next 100 years? Because there’s a good chance that you might actually live that long.

This is how I live my life. I ask myself over and over what it is that I want. I never stop asking this until I get to the point where the answer is the same every time I ask it.

From there, I simply assume that this vision is the one that I must carry out.

And then I just give it 100 years.

Every day I rise, I focus on what I can do that day to get even one millimeter closer to that vision. And my assumption is that if I simply do that for 100 years, then one day I will have created my vision.

I mean really, what else do you have to do?

It’s not like one day you’re suddenly going to wake up and regret pursuing your dreams…

So why not pursue them?

And as long as you’re pursuing them, why not give it 100 years?

This is a simple mindset hack that will help you to stay focused without losing hope.
Remember, comrade, infinite patience yields immediate results.

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