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Welcome to align-mentality.

A blog dedicated to changing your reality.

Hello. I am Dustin Rusbarsky. Better known as D/C Russ.

I am an alien of some kind. I’m pretty sure that this is my first time on this planet. But I have been prepared to navigate sufficiently among the humans…most of the time.

I came here to change the world. The problem is that when I entered into my body I forgot everything.

And now I’m on a life-long quest to re-discover why I am not idiot for wanting to come here.

I have given my life over to “the thing” (because “God” is over-used). My path revolves around following my destiny to the best ability and then documenting it through this website.

Align-mentality is all about using your mind like a magic wand to create the life you want to live.

And if that sounds stupid to you, then it’s because your mind is still enslaved.

Who enslaved you?

School. Teachers. Parents. Media. Friends. Family…

…these forces all played a role.

But it is you who has enslaved your own mind.

And it is you who has the power to free it.

By reading the articles on this website, you are slowly releasing the shackles on your mind. You are opening yourself up to a life of significance and a world of infinite possibility.

Top 5 most popular articles:

  1. Ten Things You Need to Know About Manifestors (Human Design)
  2. A Journey of Shockingly Massive Objects (with a Breathtaking Ending)
  3. Experiment: Manifesting a Feather
  4. 5 Ways to Make Life Absurdly Simple
  5. How to Brainwash Yourself into Total Freedom

The Vastness of the Universe:

  1. One *Tiny* Thing You Forgot About the Universe
  2. Remember *THIS* the Next Time You Drink a Glass of Water
  3. Welcome to Where Fantasy Meets Reality

#1 Rule of Life

  1. This is the #1 Rule in All of Life


  1. When to Separate from Your Partner
  2. One, Tiny Tip That Can Save A Relationship
  3. The Simple Secret to Friends and Riches
  4. How to Get Anyone to Do ANYTHING You Want
  5. A Simple Way to Change Your Spouse
  6. How to Have Winning Conversation with ANYONE

State of Being:

  1. How to Beat Anxiety
  2. A State of Mind that Makes Life Easier and More Abundant
  3. FEAR!!! How to Break the Spell
  4. Here’s How to Evaporate the Stress in Your Life
  5. The #1 Secret to Reality Creation


  1. Why I Now Have to Run in the Rain
  2. 5 Easy Ways to Stick to a Goal
  3. How to Stop Getting What You Don’t Want
  4. The First Step on Your Journey to Freedom


  1. If you don’t believe you can do it…
  2. Putting Yourself Back in Control of Your Life
  3. Your First Step to Motivation: The Basics of Building Motivation that Snowballs

Money & Success:

  1. An Easy Way to Tell if You’re Ready for Success
  2. How I Went from “Scary Broke” to Piles of Cash
  3. Gain the World. Keep Your Soul.
  4. Today’s Monday ‘M’ Word of the Day is Meander
  5. Money and Financial Independence for Manifestors and Beyond
  6. Become a Millionaire Working in Fast Food
  7. How “Keeping It Real” Landed Me Tens of Thousands of Dollars
  8. Read This if You Want to Know the “Big Secret” of Becoming Wealthy

The premise of this website is that your mind can create any reality or outcome you desire.

The way this is done is two-fold:

  1. Using your free will to create your desired reality.
  2. Undoing the resistance that’s holding you back.

align-mentality is all about balanceThe first strategy is action based. The second strategy involves doing your internal work.

You can get anything you want by simply striking a balance between these two strategies.

And the key to implementing them is using your mind.

This blog is full of deep, no-nonsense wisdom for your everyday life. Sign up below and, over time, I will guide you into a whole new reality.

As a free bonus, I’ll send you the classic Ascension Cheat Sheet, a one-page digital document with pretty much everything you need to know about life.

The Ascension Cheat Sheet - align-mentality.com

Be bold, stay strong.


D/C Russ


D/C Russ in New York City


  1. Margo Park said:

    First of all, thank you for Your service. It gives me great joy to see a teacher of your caliber and vibration On the planet. You have a tremendous amount of light, energy/power in your energy field to facilitate change for all generations but especially for your generation . I read energy and have been doing what you do basically since 2002 but more on a one-on-one basis. We are on the same team. There is a huge, great need ” out there” for people to be able to deal with and physically clear and manage their anger and anxiety. This is a very complicated subject influenced by many variables but spirit sent me to you to ask you to inform others concerning these subjects. Keep up the good work! Blessings to you and your family. Margo💖

    May 21, 2016
    • D/C Russ said:

      Why thank you, Margo. It is of great honor to be of service!

      May 21, 2016
  2. JLo said:

    Thank you so much for your videos and articles! Seriously I found it fun and very helpful reading and watching your stuff. I was searching how to deal with manifestor (myself) in a super angry mood. And I found you! You totally spoke my mind. But one question, I understand how to deal with generators because they keeping doing things which we can’t compare. And I am able to wait for them. But I got so pissed off by projectors because working with them is like hell to me. They just wait and wait and wait without any action. If I just do my own things, I’ll have to finish their tasks ultimately (as a partner). My anger just comes out of control. Would you have any suggestions to me please? It’s been weeks and I’m so hopeless seriously… Thanks a lot!!

    July 17, 2016
    • D/C Russ said:

      That’s great. I have plans to make this blog into a human design blog because that seems to be the best value that I can provide to the world. Thank you for your nice comments and I’m glad to see you’re grappling with your aura type as a manifestor. Very cool.

      As far as your question about projectors, I have a lot to say about that and would happy to discuss at length on a call with you if you’re really struggling. But I do have some general advice I can give you about dealing with projectors. Essentially, think of them as hummingbirds. You need to be extremely careful with your energy around projectors because they’re so easy to “scare,” if you will. Projectors are designed to take in the world from an extremely sensitive perspective, which is very different from what you and I experience on a day-to-day basis. Projectors are insanely sensitive to energy and if you’re not in the right energy, Peace, then you will find them incredibly flighty and difficult to work with. This is not to be viewed as a bad thing, manifestor. You must remember that they are doing what’s best for them and you will never be able to find harmony with them until your energy is balanced, calm, peaceful, and relaxed. The projectors will take you in, they really will…but you first have to show them that you’re safe.

      I won’t even go into detail about your anger, as I believe it will naturally subside as you learn how to wield your powerful energy as a manifestor. Does this make sense? I hope so. Please let me know if you have any more questions and I’ll do the best to answer them. Thank you.

      July 17, 2016

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