Addictions Are Only Habits: Both Are Easy To Break

The word “addiction” is misleading.

When someone says they have an addiction, you immediately think something’s wrong with them.

But there really is nothing more that’s wrong with them than most of us…because, at the end of the day, we’re all addicted to something.

Other than drugs, sex, and alcohol, we are all easily overcome by addictions to our habits. It’s easy to think we need something to be a certain way, but this type of thinking is merely an addiction.

We can be addicted to all kinds of things, such as behaviors.

Maybe you’re addicted to pressing snooze, thinking that those extra 10 minutes are really going to make a difference. The truth is that pressing snooze only messes you up more in the long run…you become lazier, less motivated, and more careless.

Speaking of sleep, I used to think I needed nine hours of sleep per night. I just assumed that was what my body required.

I used to hear advice from successful people, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger about how you only need six hours of sleep.

Well, I tried it and I felt like I was gonna die. But that’s because I was operating from within my addiction. I tried to beat my addiction by not having it.

Once I started to find my destiny, I realized that hard work and focus came much more naturally to me and, as a result, I found that I really only needed six hours.

The point is that many times you think you need something or have to behave in a certain way, but your belief is usually just a product of a pattern that you’ve become addicted to.

Studies have shown that we quite literally become addicted to our thinking patterns. When you feel emotions, your brain lights up in a certain way. Over time, your mind associates this with your survival and thus you begin to crave it.

I’ve seen people addicted to watching the news. I’ve seen people addicted to violence. I’ve seen people addicted to manipulative behavior. I’ve seen people addicted to failure. I’ve seen people addicted to self loathing. Hell, I’ve even seen people addicted to depression.

You can be addicted to just about anything. And sometimes breaking the addiction can be extremely difficult.

But you can immediately identify someone who refuses to even try to break the addiction by the words that they use in everyday speech.

If someone blames their problems as external entities, you know that they have become addicted to their story and will not make any progress until they decide to first give up their story.

So in order to avoid this fate, you will need to do two things:

  1. Learn to time travel.
  2. Accept experiencing pain and discomfort.

The good news is that you already know how to do the first one. You just need to learn how to do it more effectively.

Each of us can time travel at the rate of about one second per second, give or take.

Some seconds might seem slower, some may seem faster. But overall, we’re all pretty much going at the same speed through time.

The reason this is important is because you will need to create the effect of speeding up time simply by accepting your passage through it at the one second per second rate that you’re traveling through it.

The best way to do is this is by becoming infinitely patient. Patience yields acceptance and thus your ability to move throughout time becomes much more fluid and easy to do.

When you become patient, you can time travel much more effectively, rather than doing so begrudgingly and with resentment. This means that whatever habit or addiction you’re trying to either break or cultivate, you will do so much more effortlessly.

You will find yourself being more present and focusing on each and every day….each and every moment…each and every craving, impulse, or desire. In order to end up where you want to be in six months, a year, or five, you will need to learn to accept each opportunity as its own separate world…with its own separate infinity of importance. Once you yield even once, it becomes immensely¬†more difficult to not yield again.

To time travel more effectively, treat every single day and every instance of your goal as a wholly complete microcosm of your larger goal. Otherwise you will have a hell of a time getting anywhere.

The second thing you need to do in addition of accepting your rate of passage through time is to accept the level of pain and discomfort that accompanies your journey.

Whether it’s physical, emotional, psychological, or all of the above…it just comes down to pain.

You must accept pain. It’s not a bad thing. Your brain is just telling you it’s a bad thing because it wants to keep you addicted. Your brain is not a bad guy, it’s merely trying to keep you safe…to keep you alive.

But beyond that, your will is what will set you free.

Don’t believe the pain in your body, your mind, or your spirit. It’s all just fear telling you to stop.

Think of it like this: imagine you’re digging your flesh open with a needle for no reason. Now imagine that you have a large, infected splinter in your skin and you must pull it out. Probably the pain you experience in the second scenario will be much more easy to deal with because you associate the pain as A) something that must be done and B) something that is ultimately for your own good.

This is how you must treat the pain of changing your addictive patterning.

You must learn that the pain is the gateway to living a new life with new experiences and new opportunities. If you’re not willing to experience suffering to get where you need to go, you will never arrive.

Suffering isn’t bad. You have only told yourself it is bad. Others have told you it is bad.

But it is not. Suffering is how you come to know your power. It is the method of energetic release from old, unwanted, subconscious patterning.

And the truth is that you will suffer anyway.

So you can either suffer not meeting your goal or you can suffer while you meet your goal.

All you need to do is take control of your mind…of your body.

It gets easier the more you do it.

And the more you remind yourself of the “why” then the more committed to your new habit you will become.

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