Quest: Ain’t No “Right” Way


Quest Rewards:

+15 Patience

+10 Self Awareness

+10 Discipline

You will have an opportunity to explore how your mind works. You will be given a chance to explore your consciousness as neither good nor bad, but simply an experience.


Quest Briefing:

Comrade, we live in a world where endless information is right at our fingertips. People just don’t value personal experience like they used to.

They’re all so worried about how the experts do it…or what the “right way” is. Even the so-called “best way” might not be the way that’s right for YOU.


Yes…knowledge can be a  dangerous thing…

Comrade, with knowledge comes an expectation. With expectation comes limitation.

Don’t limit yourself by someone else’s experience in the matter. Give it a shot yourself.

Ahh…the hell with em. We’re all doomed if we follow the advice we were taught in school. The only real way to learn is through direct experience.

Consider meditation, for example. Everyone thinks they know what meditation is. But in reality, the experience differs wildly from person to person. Not only that, but there are dozens of ways to practice this art.

Say, why don’t you give it a shot for yourself?

Don’t worry about “how” or “why” this time…that’ll come later. For now, just be open to the experience and see what happens. No need to “try” to meditate. Don’t think, just do.


Quest Objectives:

Find a comfortable spot where you will not be interrupted. Don’t worry too much about noise or distractions, just try to eliminate interruption.

Now simply sit however is comfortable, close your eyes, and stay there for 20 minutes straight. Set a timer on your phone. This is much harder than it might seem, especially for someone just starting out.

Take a minute to relax and set the intention to be open-minded. Then, the rest is simple: just sit there.

Notice whatever comes up: thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations, etc. For 20 minutes, simply be an observer.

You will probably start feeling anxious and want to get up. Remember that for 20 minutes you cannot run from yourself. Just be. Accept whatever comes along.


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