An Inspirational Poem to Catalyze Change in Your Life

catalyzechangeI woke up today in a world of pain

Had to remind myself of my own name

Lost in a world…a world at war

Turn up the radio in my car

What can I do, who can I be?

This world keeps telling me that I cannot be me

Some of us dream without any aim…

Too wrapped up in the mainstream game

Losing or winning, how can I tell?

Takes all I got just to stay out of hell.

Moving forward, or spinning around…

Just leave those dreams to rot on the ground

‘Cuz I’m way too busy…too busy to tell…

Way too numb to feel this hell

…HEY! Wait a second! I’m just like that guy!

How many more days will I continue this lie?

Why try? Why strive?

It takes all I got to just stay alive.

Living in the present, consumed by the moment

When you make a mistake, you’ve got to own it

Live up to your dreams and live beyond the lie

You’ll have to do more than just stay alive

Very few people decide to live up to their dream

They’d rather forget and go let off some steam

Waiting in line for just the right time…

They’ll never behold the gift so sublime

You’ll hate who you are and you’ll hate who you were

But in your mind you possess the cure

Decide for yourself what you want to see

A firm resolve is always the key


For years, comrade…I toiled over the answer to this question: “Am I happy?”

I kept waiting for happiness to find me. I waited for years and years, but it somehow kept eluding me.

Surely I’d be happy once my circumstances changed…

But the circumstances never changed. Not until I firmly resolved to be happy FIRST.

In the beginning, it felt like a lie to tell myself I was happy, but it felt like an even bigger lie to tell others that I was happy.

But something magical happened: I quickly began to see the happiness that was right in front of me the whole time.

Be honest with yourself, comrade. If you’re not happy, then start by telling yourself you WANT to be happy.

Then look for the evidence. That delicious sip of hot coffee in the morning. Those warm blankets that embrace you in your slumber. That neighbor that helped you out that one time. That cute little puppy who is always impossibly happy to see you come through that door. And that innocent child that smiled at you in the grocery store.

You didn’t notice these things because you were living a lie.

Let me tell you something, comrade: Unhappiness is the lie.

The truth is that you are already where you want to be, you just don’t realize it. Your ego is a brilliant artist and he uses your reality as his canvas. He will paint any picture you tell him to. So start telling that bastard to paint with the watercolors of TRUTH.

The TRUTH is that you have an amazing life full of fun coincidences and excellent experiences. Start declaring that now, even if it feels like you have to choke it out at first.

You’re not lying to yourself by telling yourself you’re happy…you’re lying when you tell yourself you’re miserable. It’s just a delusion…one that you have complete control over.

So do what you can, RIGHT NOW, to fully step into your happiness…even if you feel like you don’t deserve it.

I promise you comrade, the pain is the lie. Unhappiness is the dream. And you don’t have to suffer as much as you are.

What can you do today to move toward freedom from suffering?

How about: just look for the happiness…

…actively seek it out…

…and then you’ll surely find that it’s been there the entire time.

And if you find that you need some help with this, all you have to do is say a sincere prayer.

I have news for you…there IS a God. In this Universe, everything is conscious of itself. And there is a consciousness that knows you…it knows what you do and how you think…and it Loves you anyway. It wants you to come as you are, even if you’re scared, guilty, embarrassed, or ashamed. Go to Him NOW, as you are. And you will find that your life will change in ways that can be classified as nothing short of miraculous.


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He can see into your eyes like open doors

So let Him in and He will be yours

Don’t be afraid to enter the Throne,

For you cannot weather this alone

Consciousness sees you…now…always…

…you can’t get away…

…come as you are…

…lost and stray…

…here or there…you’re never too far…



Take the chance to leave your hell

And don’t wait around for the dinner bell…


What can you do — what can you do right now, comrade?


There is something you know you need to do. Something that you know will get you closer to freedom. If you do that one thing today, then you’ll have the energy to go at it again tomorrow. You’ll escape this hell one day…one day at a time.


And that’s what I wanted to tell you today.


Thank you,


D/C Russ – defender of the Almighty paradox


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