An Interesting Technique to Help Bring a Vision to Life

You might notice that I work hard to avoid the term “manifest” these days.

It’s not that there isn’t any truth to the law of attraction (because I believe that there is), it’s that I’ve completely denounced the concept as a useful teaching tool.

To “manifest” something implies to many people that there is no action involved. When, in reality, massive action is the only real way to have a shot at your biggest dreams coming to life.

I’ve recently spoken with my friend, Hercules Invictus, regarding an interesting technique that he’s been using to accomplish his best goals in life.

What was most interesting is that I’ve been using this very technique myself without knowing it.

It wasn’t until Hercules put words to it that I was able to recognize the technique as being not only incredibly effective, but also quite rewarding.

Essentially, in my own words, the technique goes something like this:

Think very hard about what you want to experience in your life. As far as I know, this is not as effective when it comes to material “things”.

And it can’t be just anything…it has to be something that seems absolutely incredible to you.

Take a few moments – perhaps now – to think about what would be the most amazing thing you could experience in your life. What is the most awesome thing you could see yourself doing?

Sometimes you can think of something in just a matter of moments. Other times, it might take you several days, weeks, or months in order to figure out what that awesome thing is.

But a funny thing happens once you “lock on” to that intense desire. The entire universe seems to conspire to help you achieve it. You will inevitably be given undeniable signals to push you in that direction. Strange coincidences will occur that all revolve around that desire.

It’s almost as if your heart can see the future because, once you lock on to the desire, you start to get pushed into that direction.

And if you decide to follow these signs and then take action in that direction, you’ll notice many bizarre happenings, internally and externally, that are contrived in order to make this vision come to life.

Like I said, it’s extremely rewarding to know that this power is within you.

But it’s not an idle power. If you don’t take action, like most people don’t, then the desire will fade away as the vision begins to die.

So I suppose it could be the most depressing thing in the world if you’re not accustomed to taking actions for your dreams.

The action is truly the key to this technique. Without action, it won’t work. In fact, massive action is the only way I’ve found any reliability with this technique.

But if you envision something that is so exciting to you that you can’t simply live without, then the action comes naturally.

Unless you live a life devoid of freedom.

If you have a life that does not support your creative endeavors, then I don’t think that this technique will work. For me, having a flexible vocation that is tied to these visions has been instrumental in the effectiveness of this technique.

Also, I have a partner who is incredibly supportive of the non-conventional ways I choose to live my life. I imagine that this would be a difficult technique to employ if you were bonded with someone who did not support your lifestyle choices.

But give this technique a shot for yourself. Make sure your visions come from a deep place…not just from your brain.

I’d be interested in hearing what you can come up with.

Brave journey, comrade.


  1. Thank you for this article! I just read it and wrote down what is the most amazing thing that I could experience in this lifetime. Writing down stuff is so powerful and beneficial and writing down this particular desire makes you feel great instantly. Now, let’s put this into action!

    March 5, 2018
    • D/C Russ said:

      Fantastic. Well wishes to you on your journey, comrade.

      March 5, 2018

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