Become a Millionaire Working in Fast Food

Lawrence was sitting on the phone, ready to close his fifth deal that month. As he looks out of his 22nd floor office building at the cold, December day, he realizes that he’s now a millionaire.

As he replays his life, no one will ever get to see what he saw. No one, unless they’ve gone on their own journey, will understand how “impossible” it was for him to get where he is today.

But Lawrence knew the secret all along, so it was easy for him to go from a lowly job mopping the bathroom floors of a fast food restaurant to owning an entire franchise of restaurants.

He was the happiest employee at his fast food job, able to whistle happily while seemingly not being bothered at all by his circumstances. Never did Lawrence associate his present situation with his self worth or his ability to change his situation.

When he got his meager paycheck, he would laugh to himself and spend it frugally. If Lawrence had anything leftover, he would put half into his investment fund and the other half would wisely be used on simple luxuries of life that granted him longevity and boosted his morale while he patiently waited for his millions.

Lawrence had a great balance in life, enjoying many passions, friendships, and enriching activities that allowed him to self actualize and help others do the same. To him, money was only an upgrade to the already awesome life he was creating for himself. This proved to be a powerful state of mind for him, as it allowed a profound sense of detachment. Lawrence didn’t miss opportunities because he wasn’t frantic and desperate.

His riches came easily and gracefully. Now he looks around at all the insane advice on wealth creation and can’t understand why so many “experts” and “gurus” continue to glorify suffering and the grueling route to riches.

Weird world.

If Lawrence could tell you one thing it would be that no matter where you are in life, do your best and give it positive energy. And always, always continue to pursue your dreams.

In the meantime, just be patient.

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  1. jose said:

    Wow! Fantastic post DC!
    I have to admit that it is very easy to become successful in life when you realize it’s all about the choices we make in our lives that will make us successful.

    Just like you I worked menial jobs in the beginning, but during those times I never regretrd what I was doing like most of my colleagues at the time. I knew that every job I got brought me one step closer to where I wanted to be.

    I worked and toiled like everyone else. Picking up bits and pieces of things I have learned like responsibility, ambition and self motivation. To me every job was a learning experience that I use even to this day when something happens.

    I see these people walking around depressed and angry because they are too much in a hurry and their success now! The problem is how can you know what success is if you never experienced it?

    My patience and moving forward has gotten me to where I needed to be today. Right now I’m a Manager in charge of others under me. This is where I want to be today but I have more things to accomplish in my life like starting the ground work of doing and becoming my own man.

    It just takes time and constant work and anyone can achieve success.

    Great post!

    December 20, 2015

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