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Y’know…there’s a lot of advice out there for just about every situation a human being can find themselves in. Whether you want peace, a better relationship, or to build wealth, someone – somewhere – has…

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Greetings comrade, Let me ask you a question: how do you heal a wound? Let’s say you cut yourself…what do you do? Most people would suggest that you clean up the wound, put some anti-bacterial…

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***For more Monday ‘M’ Words of the Day, visit*** Today’s Monday ‘M’ Word of the Day is Mediocre Nobody ever wished on their death bed that they’d have watched more television. Nobody ever wished…

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Goooooood moooorrrnin’ manifestor! This video is for all classes, I just really like saying that. Here’s a great video no matter what your aura type. It will help clear some of the fog. Let me…

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