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Just like there are two types of stress and two types of anxiety, it appears also that there are two types of depression. One type appears to render the victim utterly powerless. This is a depression I’ve never fully understood or experienced. But apparently it cannot be escaped. I’ll be honest: it…

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  Types of anxiety Just like there are two types of stress, there are also two types of anxiety. One is good, one is bad. Good anxiety happens when you are poised and prepared to act. Bad anxiety happens when you are not prepared and not willing to act. Anxiety…

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I’ve hesitated to write about self healing for nearly four years now. I guess I didn’t know where to start…self healing is an enormous topic with many nuances. But today I’ve finally decided to just start writing about it, because withholding this information is doing many of you a great…

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              Quest Rewards +40 Spirit +15 Focus A delicious explosion of flavor and an intensely psychoactive experience.   Quest Briefing It’s time you go on a quest for the most amazing coffee experience that a human being can have. Believe it or not, comrade, but every cup of coffee you’ve ever…

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  Quest Rewards +30 Strength +25 Health +20 Spirit Start the day off feeling refreshed and pumped.   Quest Briefing Let me tell you, comrade. For most of my life, I was under the impression that I could not go a single day without having a hot shower in the…

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