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Received an interesting email that inspired me to shoot this video on karma. The message is to not underestimate the impact you have on the world. Every time you run into someone, you have the opportunity to impact them in ways that have far-reaching consequences that you might not ever be…

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“Collecting people.” Sounds kind of arrogant at first. But it simply means forming relationships with people where you’re legitimately concerned for their success, health, goals, and well-being. “Networking” is not collecting people. Networking is collecting business cards. The idea of collecting people is a much more humanistic approach. All collectors have…

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Happiness Inspiration Karma Success

Happiness Inspiration Karma Success Wisdom

            Quest Rewards +20 Karma +15 Joy +15 Love Spread joy. Become happy.   Quest Briefing Believe it or not, but there is an enormous amount of power in just a simple smile. It’s a power that has been endowed upon every single person on…

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Break Free Happiness Karma Success Universe Wisdom

  Quest Rewards +20 Love +15 Faith +10 Karma Bless your comrades with an aura of protection.   Quest Briefing Your thoughts…your words…they have the ability to cast spells upon other people. What kind of spells are you casting? Blessings or curses? The tongue is mightier than the blade, comrade.…

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Break Free Failure Karma

Happiness Health Inspiration Karma

Quest Rewards +20 Abundance +20 Love +20 Joy You will have a lot of fun helping to brighten someone else’s day with a surprise gift from “the universe”.   Quest Briefing I have a fun, sneaking mission for you, comrade. This one will require stealth and a casual delivery. Are…

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