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Just like there are two types of stress and two types of anxiety, it appears also that there are two types of depression. One type appears to render the victim utterly powerless. This is a depression I’ve never fully understood or experienced. But apparently it cannot be escaped. I’ll be honest: it…

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Two months into 2017. Still going strong. I had not one… not two… not three… but seven New Year’s resolutions. Seven. 16% through with 2017 and I’m still going strong. I can’t tell you my resolutions. Something bad happens to your motivation when you tell people your intentions and goals. When you…

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Y’know…there’s a lot of advice out there for just about every situation a human being can find themselves in. Whether you want peace, a better relationship, or to build wealth, someone – somewhere – has already done it. And they’d be more than happy to share their “wisdom” with you!…

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  Types of anxiety Just like there are two types of stress, there are also two types of anxiety. One is good, one is bad. Good anxiety happens when you are poised and prepared to act. Bad anxiety happens when you are not prepared and not willing to act. Anxiety…

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You have a will. It was gifted to you by the creator. Your will affords you the power to choose. The stronger your will, the greater your power to choose. In order to strengthen your will, you must overcome obstacles. Each goal requires a certain level of strength before you’re able…

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Years ago, I finally got fed up with myself. I was sick and tired of making commitments and not following through with them. I’m not sure exactly when the change occurred, but when I look back it seemed to happen overnight. “I went to sleep late but I woke up early,…

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New Year’s Eve is one of my favorite times of year. It gives me time to introspect and think about where I am in life… …and where I want to be. Some people drown themselves in the bottle, hoping for just one night that they can forget. Forget where they…

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In 2015 I achieved financial freedom. In 2016 I became complacent and forgot everything I learned. I ended up exerting a staggering amount of time and energy trying to eliminate undesirable things from my life. These happened to be things that I really had no control over. But nevertheless, it…

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