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In any relationship, there are a handful of habits that will produce disastrous results. Some of the more common issues are lying, cheating, or lack of communication. But there are some relationship issues that can…

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One of my favorite fiction books is the Robert A. Heinlein classic, Stranger in a Strange Land. The book is about a human, named Mike, who is born on Mars and possesses extraordinary, super-human abilities…

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Break Free Emotions Inspiration Self Confidence Vulnerability

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Whatever are you so attached to, comrade, that you’re not willing to exchange it for something better? This one sentence, if pondered, can lead to some deep realizations…some truly saddening. Because when we think of…

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In 2015 I achieved financial freedom. In 2016 I became complacent and forgot everything I learned. I ended up exerting a staggering amount of time and energy trying to eliminate undesirable things from my life.…

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