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Humanity is on the verge of some major discoveries about how the universe works. I predict that within the next 50-100 years, people’s attention will start to move from an “action-based” mentality to an “energy-based” mentality. As it stands now, people are more focused on what to do, rather than…

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Y’know…there’s a lot of advice out there for just about every situation a human being can find themselves in. Whether you want peace, a better relationship, or to build wealth, someone – somewhere – has already done it. And they’d be more than happy to share their “wisdom” with you!…

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“What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?” –Matthew 16:26 There is no shortage of phrases that denounce material possession. If you’re reading my blog you’re already familiar with the trappings…

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Whatever are you so attached to, comrade, that you’re not willing to exchange it for something better? This one sentence, if pondered, can lead to some deep realizations…some truly saddening. Because when we think of giving things up, we tend to think of the things that are compromising the desires…

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  Types of anxiety Just like there are two types of stress, there are also two types of anxiety. One is good, one is bad. Good anxiety happens when you are poised and prepared to act. Bad anxiety happens when you are not prepared and not willing to act. Anxiety…

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In 2015 I achieved financial freedom. In 2016 I became complacent and forgot everything I learned. I ended up exerting a staggering amount of time and energy trying to eliminate undesirable things from my life. These happened to be things that I really had no control over. But nevertheless, it…

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Received an interesting email that inspired me to shoot this video on karma. The message is to not underestimate the impact you have on the world. Every┬átime you run into someone, you have the opportunity to impact them in ways that have far-reaching consequences that you might not ever be…

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