Experiment: D/C’s WEEK OF POWER



Main Objective:

Practice what I preach by taking the course, WEEK OF POWER, before selling it.


Sub Goals:

1.  Become a more powerful person.
2.  Raise my overall level of happiness and satisfaction in life.
3.  Wake up feeling alive, ready to take on the day.
4.  Explore myself and build a better relationship with myself.
5.  Improve my confidence and self-esteem.
6.  Become more grounded and centered.
7.  Have a fun and memorable experience.
8.  Sharpen my focus by eliminating distractions.
9.  Enhance my clarity and purity of mind.
10.  Boost my overall energy levels.



9 days (06/10/13-06/18/13)

Including the warm-up day, the course is 8 days long. And I repeated Day 6 to solidify learning.



Two years ago, I wrote a 6-week-long course called Six Weeks To Certainty. The course was powerful but it was cumbersome and far too bulky to be max-effective. So I distilled the teachings down into a week-long course that was much easier for people to swallow, without compromising the benefits of the course. I decided that any longer of a course would simply deter people from taking it. Thus, WEEK OF POWER was born.

The course was originally intended to help those with procrastination as well as lack of self-esteem and confidence. It was basically a training manual for building discipline. These are areas that I have made substantial progress in, so naturally I wanted to help people achieve the same. I decided that I wasn’t really part of my target audience and therefore didn’t need to take the course myself. Looking back on this decision, I am appalled. And I apologize.

Following my previous experiment, A Glimpse Into Discipline, I realized that it’s possible to build confidence and discipline in the midst of developing other important traits like happiness, focus, and energy levels. Heck, I could even make it more fun!

To think I was beyond benefiting from WEEK OF POWER was absolute insanity. So I completely revamped the course. Then I took WEEK OF POWER for myself and fine tuned it. I must say, the effects were dramatic.

In the couple weeks before taking the course, I was having a really hard time. I had really hit the pavement. And the worst part was that I couldn’t even see it! For almost a week I was unconsciously exhibiting slothful behavior that only made me feel worse.

Just to illustrate my point: I was sleeping for ten or more hours per night, plus napping everyday during the daytime. Every night I drank 2-4 beers. Every morning I had 3+ cups of coffee, plus coffee in the afternoon and evening. I fell into a bad smoking habit (3-4 times a day at least). I wasn’t drinking water. I wasn’t exercising. I wasn’t diligently tending to my goals in life. I wasn’t living…I was dying.

I most literally felt like hell. I wasn’t excited to wake up. I had no zest for life, as I was simply letting it pass me by. It hurt. A lot. But maybe it was a good thing. Maybe you need to feel and embrace that pain in order to move past it. After all, people are more motivated to avoid pain than to attain pleasure.

So I chilled out, consciously choosing to be a zombie for the next few days. I set myself a few-day-long runway to take off from. “In 3 days, I will start WEEK OF POWER. In the meantime, I really need to get my fill of this complacent misery.”

[Enter WEEK OF POWER] Immediately, a weight had been lifted. I felt like I was repurposed. Like I now had a reason to live. I became crystal clear on the reasons why I must take this course. There was no other way out except through the door that says “Congratulations, you’ve done it.” And, the feeling was nothing short of enlightening.



If I take WEEK OF POWER, then I’ll be able to offer a way more effective course. In addition, it will inspire a rebirth of feeling empowered and in control of my destiny.



Building discipline can be done through performing arbitrary tasks. It’s possible to build discipline while performing tasks that improve other desirable qualities such as happiness, clarity, confidence, knowledge, passion, and consciousness.



Take the course WEEK OF POWER. This included following a daily checklist of 25 items as well as reading and completing the exercises to satisfy each day’s unique teachings.



Did I meet my objective?

Yes, I have officially walked the walk. I can now say that what’s good for me is also good for my students, and vice-versa.

Did I meet my Sub Goals?

Absolutely. This course enabled me to make a profound shift in life, from down-and-out to tall-and-mighty. No kidding, I even felt like I grew two inches (three downstairs). Other people could notice a change. I just seemed…more attractive. Even though it was hard for them to say why. Of course, I’m saying nothing. Enigma is sexy.

Everything I experienced had a more “vivid glow” to them. During the week I experienced clarity sharper than I ever had. My memory improved. I was able to recall two, even three, dreams each night! I could remember times and dates without relying on my calendar. My goals became clearer and more defined. It became easier for me to get in the zone because things just seemed to “flow” better. I felt more alert and focused while moving about my space. It was almost like I was experiencing another person’s life…it was light, crisp, and refreshing.

My posture improved simply as a result of feeling more confident. It caught me off guard one day when I walked by the mirror and noticed my chest out and my shoulders back, with my head at least five degrees higher than normal. I certainly felt better…stronger. And my posture and body language adjusted to reflect it.

I can say that this experience made me feel an elevation of consciousness. Things I hadn’t noticed before began to ‘pop’. For over a month I was trying to find verbascum thapsus (mullein) to no avail. On Day 6 of the course, while going to do the final exercise for that day, I walked out only to find 10+ stalks of mullein…right in front of my house! They were all over two feet tall, meaning they did not grow over night. Something quite strange…something vastly more powerful was at work.

They were hidden in plain sight, in a dimension of imperceptible change, just out of my perception. I truly believe that WEEK OF POWER was solely responsible for unlocking this awareness. Weird things happen when you take initiative.

Did my hypothesis pass?

Indeed. I totally renovated the course, from the look and feel to the usability. I managed to make it more fun and relaxed. But most importantly the content of the course has radically changed to be vastly more profound and eye-opening. I feel like students of the course are able to accomplish way more in less time. The exercises are more intuitive and self-guided to make it more personal and unique to each reader.

The second part of my hypothesis followed naturally. I maintain that I was born again into the hands of strength and courage. WEEK OF POWER saved me from the fathoms of self-doubt and -pity. I harnessed the power of this machine that I call my body. I trained it to enact my will, not to resist it.



When you’re doing something unique in life, you become a more interesting person. And when it’s a mission to become a better you…well, you become a better you.

When you’re constantly bored, it means you’re boring. And when you’re boring, you come across as lame. Or, at best, tame.

But you’re NOT lame. I refuse to let it happen.

And you’re certainly not tame, either.

You’re fierce. You’re a wild animal who pierces the dark of night like a flaming arrow shot through the still air. You’re a living, breathing manifestation engine with unimaginable powers.

In the same moment that you take the initiative to bolster your inner power, you become different. Your level of courage is automatically in the top 1% of all people. You’ve already admitted that change is possible. You’ve already accepted your weakness. A magical thing happens when a person is willing to admit their tribulations. Everyone has them…so why are so many afraid to show and accept them? By being in a position to take this course, you’ve already come to terms with the fear in your life. You’ve already identified your current state and rendered it unacceptable.

By committing to do something, and following through, you’re building discipline. When you start right away, you’re free of procrastination. Simple, right? When you improve insecurities like these, you become more confident. That’s the basis and foundation of WEEK OF POWER.

And when the exercises you’re doing are designed to think and feel more positively, you’re adding high-vibrational fuel to your changing perspectives. This is high-level, sophisticated stuff. Yet it draws upon fundamental laws of the universe as well as the most widely accepted tenants of quantum physics.

Plus, it makes sense that if you spend less time and energy doing things you don’t like, you’ll naturally have more time and more energy. Spending this energy doing things that inspire and empower you is certainly going to increase the capacity of your energy tank. You’d be surprised at the number of things you’re doing everyday that are costing you a massive loss of energy.

Your creativity will thus soar. Your cognitive abilities are sharpened by taking a minute to see things in a different light…through a different lens. Your perspective will become broader and more in alignment. When given the chance to dream, it’s amazing what answers you can come up with. People are capable of amazing things when they’re prompted to do something incredible.



For me, WEEK OF POWER was a spiritual experience. But you don’t have to be spiritual to understand and accept the teachings in this course. I designed it to be naturally efficacious, meaning you don’t need to have any special skills or knowledge in order for it to be a life-changing experience.

I was able to see and feel the beauty around me. I was able to detect numerous limiting beliefs that I had that were too close for me to tell. It really got me focused all the way down to the core of my being and encouraged me to be truly honest with myself. I made a new friend, a confidant, in myself. This made me feel more solid and grounded.

I’m truly thankful that I took the time to take WEEK OF POWER. It not only changed my life, but gave me more confidence that it will change the lives of many others. I can only guess how I would have spent that week if I hadn’t taken the course. I shudder to even imagine it.

Now, I forever have the fond memory of the week that I decided to spend living. The thing is, you’re going to spend the week anyway. That time is going to elapse whether you like it or not. So why not let the clock tick while you’re doing something fun and interesting…something that’s guaranteed to change you forever? Speaking of the clock ticking, every second that goes by will make it more likely that you will deprive yourself of your power. Act now, comrade, and make a bold decision.

Try WEEK OF POWER and get back to me. In the meantime, I’ll be waiting to hear about your success. Until then, cheers!




D/C Russ

be bold. stay strong.

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