For Limitless Potential, Develop a Relationship with Destiny

If only you knew how many times I said to myself, “I am going to do X by [date]…”

Probably dozens.

And it never worked out.

It was fake. Contrived. Forced.

I used to try and enact my will to no avail.

But something changed.

Now it feels like I’m finally on the other end of the spectrum.

All of the times I tried to force my destiny, it did not work.

It was a push.

Destiny is a pull.

Destiny pulls you, you cannot push to it.

The way you become pulled by destiny is to first push away from all of the things that are not your destiny.

This is an important process that cannot be overlooked.

Once you’ve sufficiently distanced yourself from all of the things that are not your destiny, then you will begin to be pulled by your destiny.

And destiny is not a strong force. It’s an energy that requires your energy to complete it.

You can say “no” to destiny…many people do it all the time. But once you begin to see the effects of a relationship with destiny, you’ll never want to say “no.”

Destiny is a calling.

Once you’re called to destiny, you begin to see the effects of your willpower. You can now make agreements with destiny and use the force to guide you to where you want to be.

Only after you’ve built a trust relationship with destiny can you begin to use your will to steer it in your desirable direction.

In the past, I tried to demand things from destiny.

Now, I make agreements with destiny.

And it was only until I stepped away from non-destiny that I could actually hear the calling.

Now that I have destiny on my side, I am free to think of the most amazing things that I want to have happen.

And I have found that I can even put a desired time limit on them without destiny feeling like I have ordered her around.

It’s a beautiful relationship that I now have with destiny. And I’m extremely grateful for the power she gives me.

Together, we are unstoppable. And I can feel the power every day now.

If you haven’t developed a relationship with her, I suggest you get yourself a date with destiny.

Once you do, you won’t feel like you have to work a day in your life.

Every day is a vacation.

You’ll get used to extreme action.

You’ll just naturally become extremely motivated.

Your momentum will be unstoppable.

You’ll realize that every vacation taken is just a distraction…and that time off only kills your momentum.

Destiny is a full time job. Even when you’re not working, you’re working in your mind.

And when you actually do take time to do nothing at all, you’re doing it for the purpose of re-energizing your spirit so that you can more deeply connect with destiny.

The beautiful thing about destiny is that she only brings more into your life…she does not steal you away.

Your other relationships improve. Your money improves. Your health gets better. Your friends become more plentiful. You get to experience more of the world. Time slows down and your lifetime lengthens.

Destiny is your inner light.

So let her shine.

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