Everything You Need To Know About Food And Health

I used to be able to consume anything.

Candy, fake food, tv dinners, cheap alcohol…

What happened to me!?

Now I can’t eat anything…I think I told you about my unfortunate froyo experience, didn’t I?

I’ve become so delicate lately that I’m starting to think that either I’m ascending consciously or just becoming a huge wuss.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

I can’t even handle natural flavors anymore.

It used to be that if something had natural flavors in it, then it was alright for me to eat.

Now, it’s a deal breaker. Which effectively means I can’t eat anything processed. And that’s essentially what I’ve done. Artificial sweeteners, colors, and flavors absolutely destroy me.

Recently we all got the flu. So we went to get those vitamin C packets from the drug store. I asked my daughter what flavor she wanted to get and she said she wanted raspberry.

So after several days of us pounding what was supposed to be good for us, it only ended up making us sicker. We didn’t realize it for quite some time…that we actually felt worse not long after eating the natural flavor enhanced packets.

Folks, you can’t really derive flavor from raspberries without doing a whole bunch of stuff. The bioflavonoids are water-based…unlike lemons and oranges which are oil-based.

And, wouldn’t you know it…as soon as we stopped eating those vitamin C packets, we got better. (I’ve actually heard that they derive raspberry flavoring from the secretions of a beaver’s asshole…I’m not kidding.)

What the heck, right?

The truth is, vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is really, really good for you, especially when you’re sick. There are a few reasons for this. One reason is that it creates a volatile environment that makes it more difficult for germs to reproduce in. Another reason is that it binds to free radicals in your body that would otherwise damage cells, thus allowing the infection easier entry to mess stuff up.

But, just like with anything, if you’re not getting it from the food, then it’s pretty much worthless.

As you will come to realize with the right level of consciousness, people don’t actually know that much about health. As soon as we identify and label something as ‘healthy’ then it’s only a short matter of time before it’s bludgeoned to death by corporate interests.

Look, I’m not trying to sound anti-capitalism here. I believe that most of the time corporations are just trying to do a good service by providing a healthy product. But companies are made up of humans…so good deeds rarely go unpunished.

I believe that much of the evil you see surrounding the health and wellness industry is not malicious, it’s just misguided. And there are still some really intense and fundamental gaps in our knowledge of health as it relates to food and intentionality.

Look, I won’t get into a bunch of hearsay about specific things, such as blood and puss in your pasteurized milk. I have heard lots of things, but I’ve never seen these practices with my own two eyes. And lots of people say a lot of stuff. But I do know that milk is highly processed, and I don’t really think you need to investigate something anymore than that in order to know that it’s bad for you.

Whether you know it now or not, I would be willing to bet that you will soon discover the same things I have: that almost every single food item available to you has been subject to chemicals at some point during its production.

Not only that, but the very act of production is a sterile, intention-less process that leads to its own host of problems.

Any and all processed food items have been compromised by production practices or chemicals designed to enhance the color, the taste, or the shelf life.

Therefore, almost every food item has chemicals (which are essentially poisons) in them. I will not go into great lengths here about what to eat and what to avoid, as this information is widely available on the internet. But many things, like what happens to apples, will surprise/repulse/anger you…so be prepared when you do your research.

However, I will say that anything pre-packaged is 100% likely to be bad for you (even if it’s marketed as good). Anything you see on the front of the package is marketing material and should be completely disregarded as such. The ingredients list is your only hope of finding something that’s decent for you (should you decide to go the processed route anyway).

Furthermore, you can’t always trust the ingredients. Not only are companies (especially the large corporations) easily able to hide chemicals within ingredients, but they also spend a fortune in lobbying the FDA to meet the bare minimum requirements to say whatever they want to say on the ingredients. A few examples of this are spices, natural flavors, seasonings, modified food starch, etc. And if you think that I am being dramatic, please read about how the American FDA was able to pass Aspartame…it’s hilariously shitty.

Here’s another quick example (over-simplifed for clarity) of how companies can get away with things. Let’s say I make you a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich. All I really have to say is that the ingredients are bacon, lettuce, tomato, bread, mayonnaise, etc. And while companies are legally required to tell you what’s in these individual ingredients, you will have no idea how the basic elements, such as the flour, were produced or what chemicals were involved in their production. Moreover, you won’t know how the animals were treated, what they were fed, or what kinds of processes they went through before they found their way onto your sandwich.

And if you think these things don’t matter, then you’re probably not conscious enough to notice the subtle effects that these things are having on your body, your mental clarity, and your overall happiness and well being.

At the end of the day, food is just energy. Just like with anything, the quantum nature of the particles that you’re eating carry a lot more information than we currently know. Things like how animals are treated and cared for will make a great deal of difference in their “nutritional” value to you. And this same principle applies to “superfoods.” I have a client that runs an MLM for moringa health foods distribution. Many people are calling moringa the superfood of 2018.

So she sent me some of her product. And I tried it.

It came in the form of exotic, flavor packets that made you think that what you were eating was both good and good-for-you. Again, these pouches did nothing but keep me and my family sick when we were depending on health food to help us get better.

And when you think about it, it makes complete sense why these flavor enhanced packets aren’t good for you. For one thing, they have natural flavors and preservatives…which is absolutely crazy to me. But for another thing, in order to get a healthy plant into powder form with a profit-producing shelf life, a lot of things have to happen to that plant. They basically have to beat the shit out of it to get it to submit into a convenient powder form that you can toss in a glass of water because you’re too lazy to obtain and consume the plant itself.

Biological entities are delicate. You can’t go smashing and bashing them up and expect them to have the same properties as they had before. Some things were meant to be consumed just as they are. And there’s only a certain extent of processing that you can do before you completely ruin any nutritional value in the plant.

Take orange juice for example. Everyone thinks orange juice is good for them. But the stuff you buy from the store is only flavored water. Haven’t you ever noticed that every time you buy a bottle of Simply Orange that it tastes the same? Did you ever stop and think how juice is able to be mass produced and shipped all around the country, and yet still taste the same every single time? It’s because they boil the living hell out of the oranges until there’s literally no flavor (or nutrition) left. Fresh squeezed orange juice from home-grown oranges will have a different taste every glass.

After the company boils the life out of it, the juice will then sit in giant vats until the company adds its trademark flavor and nutrient packet. This is how they’re able to make it taste the same each and every time. And believe me, the company is constantly adjusting the dials so that they can produce the most delicious concoction that will lead to more sales. This is also why you can’t trust restaurant food as being healthy either.




That’s what the whole thing is about. And if you think you’ve found something healthy, then you’re almost guaranteed to be mistaken.

Even if the product is labeled “organic” you can’t be sure that the organic pesticides used are any more healthy for you than the regular ones. As it turns out, it’s quite easy to manipulate the criteria of a product, especially when you have lobbying dollars.

Not only are pre-packaged foods bad for you but often the raw ingredients themselves have undergone substantial processing, from pesticides to waxing to coloring…the list goes on and on and on and you’ll never be able to escape it all. So I would recommend either get a hold of home grown food or just do the best that you can and expect that it will never be perfect. Just do the best you can. Often the worst thing you can do for your health is to constantly worry and stress about what you’re eating.

But okay, let’s cool it on the gloom and doom for a second.

It’s not all bad is it?

Well as it turns out, there’s a lot that you can do to ensure that what you’re eating is truly good for you.

Obviously you can grow all of your food yourself. Doing so will have an incredible benefit on your health, as traditional farming methods tend to exhaust the soil of many nutrients and minerals as a result of over-farming for profits.

But very few people are going to have the skill, time, and energy to be able to grow their own food.

So there’s another thing you can do. Prayer.

Yes, that’s right.

I’ve seen people pull out a grocery store pre-made sandwich and slop Miracle Whip on it like it was going out of style. Usually when people eat food like this, you can tell. Their complexion is greasy, they look sickly, their hair is oily, they’re not just fat but their skin is enflamed…the list goes on.

But when I’ve seen people who eat crap food pray over it beforehand…wow. It amazes me every time how healthy they look.

You’re not supposed to have a glow to you when you eat chemicals and poisons all day…but for some reason, prayer seems to really turn the tables on what can be healthy for you.

I’m not exactly sure how prayer works. But I would be willing to bet that there’s a perfectly reasonable quantum explanation for its effectiveness.

Something about your intention and the energy with which meals are prepared has a lot to do with how healthy the food ends up being for you.

On the contrary, if you eat food (even home made food) with an energy that isn’t balanced, you will still suffer the negative health consequences.

Gluttony on even healthy things will reap its harm on your body.

Gratitude and moderate eating habits will be the most healthy way to consume food.

When you’re preparing your meals, pay special attention to the beauty of the meal. Notice the “prettiness” in your food. This is a trick I learned from the novel Celestine Prophecy…and I have found it to be quite true.

Everything can be made worse or better according to the energy with which it is prepared. How could it not?

Why this is true, I cannot be sure at this time…but it appears that there are a lot of things that we don’t know about food, nutrition, and energy.

Watch as all the latest health fads and trends come and go. And do your best to not participate in them because, again…marketing.

Don’t get wrapped up in the fads. Stay focused on your intention, your consciousness, and your thoughtfulness. These things are immortal and will always be good for your health regardless of what this year’s “superfood” happens to be.

Prepare your own food from natural ingredients (grown privately if possible). Enjoy the preparation process and feel gratitude for the ingredients as you prepare them. Notice the beauty in the meal. Pray over the meal before you eat it and set the thoughtful intention that the food nourish your body.

Any positive emotion you can map onto your food will have dramatic positive effects over time.

Pay close attention to your energy as you prepare and consume food.

Don’t stuff your face. Eat slowly, chew your food, and mix your saliva in with the food. These things are going to be a huge benefit to your health and digestion.

When you think you want to eat more, first wait about 20 minutes, as this is the average amount of time it takes your brain to register that you’re full.

Prayer, focus, and intentionality are the three things that will upgrade the vibration of your food.

I would argue that it is actually better to eat fast food that has been prayed over than home cooked, organic meals that have not been prayed over. Maybe this is a stretch, but you do get the point.

Pray over your food, comrade.

Pray over everything you do.

And don’t worry about making it a formal prayer.

Just staring at your food for a few moments and being thankful is a perfectly reasonable form of prayer.

I’m not saying that you should arbitrarily talk to some invisible guy in the sky…

Just take the time to appreciate at least some aspect of the food you’re about to enjoy. Set an intention for health.

This is all you really need to do.

And if you combine this effort with eating whole, natural ingredients, then I would say you’re going to have a pretty long and healthy life.

Combine this with some cheerful exercise and you’ll be in pretty darn good shape.

These techniques will work whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle.

Health is quite simply a holistic phenomenon that is assessed by your overall vibration. The food you eat is arguably one of the most important and far-reaching aspects of your body’s vibration.

It can be said that you are made of the food you eat.

So raise your own vibration and energy by first raising the energy and vibration of your food.

Start there, do it for a year and you’ll feel like you’re in a whole different body. It will be magnificent.

And you’ll also have the added bonus of not having to jump on the bandwagon of a never-ending stream of ineffective diet fads.

Stick to your guns on this and you will find great peace and great results.

Eating right is no more complicated than consuming whole ingredients and raising the vibration of your food through positive thoughts and intentions.

These two tips are the only two tips you need and now you can ignore all of the other advice from people trying to sell you stuff.

Eat good food. And eat it consciously.

That’s all you have to do!

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