Experiencing the World Within

I must not have been shamed a whole lot growing up.

Because when I hear the word “feelings,” I don’t get the creepy crawlies.

To me, feelings are just as natural as sights, sounds, and observations.

But to many men, “feelings” are gay, weak, and something to be repressed.

Well you can go ahead and believe that if you want, I suppose…

Honestly it’s not doing you any good.

Because there’s a whole inner world to explore.

It’s full of fascinating things and tons of new experiences.

And the best part is you don’t even have to go anywhere or do anything to explore it.

All it takes is simple awareness and willingness to observe how you feel.

You see…feelings are more than what we label them to be.

There’s a huge spectrum of inner experiences through feelings.

Feelings aren’t just sad, happy, mad, jealous, excited, etc.

Feelings are basically the sum total of all the things you’re experiencing in a given moment.

You always have a variety of things you’re feeling. And it’s possible to feel completely different feelings at the same time.

What you feel is beyond what can be labeled.

As someone who is aware of his feelings, I’ve noticed that I still have new feelings quite frequently. I have grown accustomed to feeling new things that I’ve never felt before, because it occurs regularly.

I suspect that everyone is like this, it’s just that most people aren’t aware enough to notice.

But whenever you’re feeling something, just ask yourself if you’ve ever felt it before. Ask yourself if what you’re experiencing is something new…try to characterize it and perhaps even dissect it.

Delve into your feelings, because they have much to teach you.

It can be argued that what you experience on the inside is even more telling than what you experience on the outside.

Through the simple act of observing your feelings, you get to know yourself and what makes you tick.

You get to unlock new doors to meaningfulness, happiness, and adventure.

Feelings are, essentially, gateways to a better life.

By observing how you feel on the inside, you can take steps to pursue your greatest treasures and be able to deal with some of life’s biggest hardships.

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