Experiment: Gone Vegan

happycowMain Objective:

Improve my digestive system, increase my energy levels, and experience overall positive health effects.

Sub Goals:

1) Eat more vegetables.
2) Engage in a planet-friendly diet.
3) Honor the animals who are treated horrifically.
4) Recoil against the unconscious food production industry.


Started on: 8/21/14
I originally intended this experiment to last one month, but since the effects were noticeable almost immediately I plan to casually continue this diet off and on for an indefinite period of time.


I love meat just as much as the next person. It’s delicious. To me, the best breakfast you can have is good old fashioned steak and eggs. Side salads are nice, too.

But I began to grow concerned with my diet when I started to experience a noticeable discomfort in my intestines as well as a general sluggish feeling in my body. This happened right after I started consuming a huge amount of milk, cheese, and dairy in general.

I had also grown skeptical of the term “organic” when a man who worked in the food production industry told me that it really didn’t amount to a whole lot when it comes down to health. He went on to explain the conspiracy behind the whole “organic” claim. Sometimes the organic pesticides are even worse for the human body. So why, he argued, do people spend twice as much?

This got my brain stirring. So I started doing some research.

I will spare you the details. But what I found shocked me. I also became informed of other things, too, like how the animals are treated in the meat production industry. To be blunt: it’s absolutely horrifying. Even just some basic searches on the true facts behind of milk production alone will leave anyone’s stomach churning.

But, again…atrocities aside…my primary concern was my health. I wondered if I could improve my digestive health by switching to a mostly fruits and vegetables diet.

Also as part of this experiment, I have drastically reduced the amount of sugar I consumed. Since doing this, my body has been desperately craving sugar. I found that I have an advanced sugar addiction that I wasn’t even aware of.

Lots of magical things happened to me when I started bringing my diet into question. After all, the #1 way human beings gain energy in life is through food intake.

I think many people would be shocked to find out just how terrible their diets are. It’s an easy thing to overlook and a difficult thing to detect.


If I switch to a vegan, mostly sugar-free diet then I believe my body will be healthier, function better, and feel better.


Almost every health concern can be attributed, at least in large part, to one’s dietary habits.


Develop a new set of rules that regulate my diet:
1) No more dairy (including cheese, milk, and butter)
2) No more meats (including fish and poultry)
3) Absolutely no artificial ingredients or preservatives (I was already doing this…but I also cut out “natural flavors”)
4) No processed foods (including pre-packaged crackers and “box food”)
5) Almost completely eliminate sugars from my diet (including the breakdown of certain foods into sugar)
6) Eat lots and lots of vegetables
7) Rely on rice, beans, and nuts for protein
8) Take a B-12 supplement


Did I meet my objective?

Yes. My whole body functions better and my digestive system is regulated. I now feel better and I have more energy. The only drawback is that my body went absolutely crazy when it came to cravings. It’s like my body became desperate to hold onto my poor diet. Things that I would have NEVER eaten in the past are now screaming in my head, “Eat me! You KNOW you want to eat this laboratory-made candy bar with absolutely no redeeming ingredient. COME ON, it’s only four dollars!!”

Did I meet my sub goals?

Yes, by proxy I met my sub goals. I would definitely like to eat meats still but I’m still searching for a clean meat source: one that’s devoid of the abuse and horrors of the commercial meat industry. Again, I’ll spare you the details.

Not only is it incredibly sad, but also highly unsanitary.

Did my hypothesis pass?

Yes. It now feels much better to be inside my body.


After seeing the evidence, I now believe that the body functions in mysterious ways. I look at diet as a holistic habit, not just a series of isolated things that you eat.

Sometimes the strangest things can be affected by your diet, even if doctor’s will tell you that there is no connection.

There are dozens of examples of this right in your local supermarket. “Sugar-free” sounds good at first…until you realize that the sugar substitutes are way worse. “Zero calories” sounds great at first…until you realize that you’re no longer consuming food, you’re just eating laboratory-made chemicals that are way, way worse for your health and that actually CONTRIBUTE to weight gain.

So much of the weight problem in this country has very little to do with fats, carbs, and calories. It has to do with inflammation. When you consume lots of artificial ingredients and pre-processed foods (meats, cheeses, and dairy), your intestines become inflamed and your body does not absorb the nutrients it needs.

If you are overweight, it probably has little to do with all the new fads the supermarkets try to sell you. It’s not fat — it’s poison. When you poison your body, then it can no longer process the calories properly and it goes on as weight.

Try this diet for a month and you will not only feel better, but you will look better as well. Don’t pay attention to all those brightly colored stickers on pre-packaged foods that make you think you’re eating healthier…they’re all a scam to get you to buy their products. “Natural flavors” are not natural. Trust me. Or go look it up yourself.

Eat vegetables, fruits, and organic meats. Consume a balanced diet. Take a multivitamin. Make your food from scratch. And if you don’t have enough time to cook, then make giant batches that you can put in the freezer. Your health, and your life, depends on it.

But above all, make sure you’re eating FOOD…not chemicals. If you can’t pronounce the name of the ingredient, chances are it is poisoning you. This is not the case all the time, but it is a general rule.

You can’t go wrong using whole ingredients, though. Try it for yourself.


Diet is way more important than I have ever imagined. My mood is better now that I cut out all the processed foods, milk included. Just because my body looks like it is in shape, doesn’t mean it actually is.

Health is a holistic experience. And diet is the most important aspect of good health.

I will continue this diet for an indefinite period of time. I think I will start eating eggs (from happy chickens) and I’d like to find a healthy meat source (without all the abuse).

Finally, I’ve really lost steam on the whole sugar craze. I plan to keep beating the cravings until they go away. It’s really hard…but in the end I believe it will allow me to have a better life.

This diet isn’t actually a sacrifice. Vegan foods don’t have to be bland and boring. Some of the best meals I’ve ever had consisted of vegetables and various healthy grains. So far, this diet has been quite delicious…and even more tasty now that I know how healthy it is.

So let’s feast!

On the menu: hearty minestrone soup with garlic bread.

What about you?

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