Experiment: Money Manifestation


Main Objective:

To increase my level of financial abundance by manifesting more money into my life.

Sub Goals:

Strengthen my level of faith in setting an intention to achieve more money.
Put to the test the concept of ‘Give to Receive’


20 days (07/02/13-07/21/13)


I was raised to believe in the external approach of acquiring money. I was also conditioned to perceive that earning more money is difficult and that it takes a lot of effort. I decided that this was not the relationship that I wanted to have with money. I choose to believe that gaining money should be a fun and enjoyable endeavor.

Everyone in the LOA community keeps saying the same things: that you can have whatever you want in life and that the Universe is eagerly waiting to bestow you with massive wealth.

So, even though I thought mantras were kinda stupid, I decided to give it a shot. Okay, Universe…let’s dance.


If I set and formally declare my intention to create more wealth in combination with gifting money to others, then I believe the Universe will bestow upon me more riches.


Money is energy. And as energy, money likes to move. Money is also a tool that can be used for spreading joy to others. And when you spread joy to others, you live a more joyous life.


The method for this experiment is three-fold:

Part 1 consists of two written mantras, one for the first thing in the morning and one for the last thing at night. Every morning as soon as I woke up, I took a blue pen and wrote the following mantra 25 times: “I am ready and open for wealth.” And every night right before going to sleep, I used the same pen to write the following mantra 25 times: “I really enjoy the energy of money.” It’s important to choose a mantra that gives you the feeling of what it’s like to have wealth. This may take a good deal of imagination at first, and it may seem silly…but remember: we are scientists. We will do what it takes to learn, gain wisdom, and then share our findings for the betterment of humanity.

Part 2 consists of a brief visualization of your choice. For me, this occurred at random times during the day, whenever I thought about it. Sometimes this would last for a couple minutes and other times it would last for as few as ten seconds. The images I visualized varied greatly. But I noticed that, for me, I am better able to get excited about money when I imagined being able to help others with it. This is a specific personality trait. You might very well find that it feels better to you to visualize an inflow of money, rather than an outflow. There is nothing wrong with this, and it does not mean you’re selfish. In fact, we all know of people who give and give without ever receiving. It is important to develop both skills — giving and receiving — as they’re essentially the same thing when you consider the Universal Law of Oneness.

Part 3 consists of giving away surprise gifts of $1 to complete strangers. I learned about this method from the Kindle ebook Happy Money. What you do is give away $5 a day, one dollar at a time. You then do this 4-5 times in a 30-day period. The goal is to spread joy and inspiration by writing small messages on a sticky note, taping it to the money, folding it up, and leaving it in a place where someone will find it. I left messages like “Have a blessed day!” or “More where that came from! -The Universe” or “This is a seed. Plant it and it will grow.” You can make up any message you’d like as long as it’s positive and uplifting. Do not let anyone see you doing this and do not wait to see who gets the money. Also, do not go back later and check to see if anyone actually picked it up. This method relies on faith and trust that the right person will discover your gift. After every dollar you leave, you say to yourself a few words of gratitude that you will soon receive 10x, or even 100x, the amount you’ve given away.


Did I meet my objective?

Yeah, I think so. This month was my most successful month when it came to Kindle ebook sales. But nothing crazy or out of the ordinary happened like other people’s results of gifting experiments. I want to note that I DID NOT complete this experiment. I chose to discontinue it for reasons discussed in the Analysis section. I only did this experiment for 20 days and I only did the gifting method two times during those 20 days.

Did I meet my Sub Goals?

Goal #1: I can’t say that my level of faith was strengthened in setting an intention to receive more money. The experiment did not resonate with me as a valid way to earn more money.

Goal #2: Again, the evidence was not strong enough for me to declare that my gifts led to my receiving more financial abundance.

Did my hypothesis pass?

I guess technically my hypothesis did pass. The same month that I was performing this experiment, I nearly doubled my sales of Kindle ebooks. This, however, could be attributed to the fact that I published an additional book, Manifestation Resistance. In other words, my bottom line improved but not in some magical, whimsical fashion. No one came to my door and punched me in the face with a hundred bucks.


This experiment is about generating the feeling of having money. It’s not about the physical act of writing, for example. Although doing so probably signals your subconscious mind to tune in, you’ll get the best results by writing in conjunction with generating the feeling of attaining money.

The reason I discontinued this experiment is precisely due to the fact that, for whatever reason, I found it difficult to get into the feeling of attaining money. Normally I’d have encouraged myself to get into it more but I just felt that it was too far away to make the effort. To me, there are better ways of gifting in the spirit of love and generosity.

First of all, I found that writing the mantras was kind of a pain in the ass. My human design is Manifestor. Which means that, when I’m tired I go to bed. Having to write a mantra 25x was more stressful than anything else and I was often too tired to get into the right feeling and frame of mind. And, when I woke up I was way too focused on getting out of bed and getting on with the day.

Secondly, I found it too hard to overcome my limiting belief that a proper visualization takes at least 30 minutes to be successful. It was a chore to remember to do money visualizations every day and I felt like my efforts were ineffective.

Thirdly, the gifting process felt too formulaic to be effective. I felt like I was doing it simply for the sake of the experiment rather than to spread joy to others. Trust me, I know what it’s like to give to people. It feels great! But for some reason, I did not get the same feeling by doing this experiment. To me, gifts and generosity should be a personal experience. I believe that people need to see you in person to fully understand your intentions. I just felt like there was too much room for error leading my kind gesture to be misinterpreted. Some people may actually get offended by such a gesture. Moreover, I don’t believe that most people would understand the point of my gesture. And, because it’s only a dollar, they might not feel truly grateful to have received. I did not enjoy sneaking around, hiding money in random places. And it did not feel like I was actually contributing to people’s lives. The whole process felt mechanical and didn’t provide me with the feeling of gifting out of the goodness of my heart. Again, it felt more like a chore than anything.


I’ve heard a lot of great things from others who did this experiment. And I think it has a lot of truth to it. But, for me, it didn’t really resonate. I do think you should at least try this experiment, even if for no reason other than to hone in on what makes you feel good and what exhausts you.

I think it is very important to do what feels good to YOU, regardless of what results other people have gotten. I’ve done a terrific job of building the skill of following through on what I start. And I was more inclined to push through the experiment even though my heart wasn’t in it. I quickly realized that this is not a healthy approach to life experimentation. I therefore resigned this experiment. It was a tough decision but I’m glad I did.

If I Could Redesign This Experiment:

I’d have given myself more flexibility in the mantras, both in terms of content and the time of day that I write the mantras. Also, I think writing a mantra 5x with quality intention is better than writing it 25x in a hurry. As far as the visualization goes, I think it would have been best to formally enter into the visualization for five minutes. This means getting into a quiet space and not stressing out when my mind wanders.

Finally, I think the gifting experiment would have better suited me in a face-to-face manner. And, instead of giving $1 bills out, I might’ve had more fun giving away $1 lottery tickets or something. I would have taken the time to explain to others the purpose of my actions so that they could relate to my efforts, thus making them more readily able to accept the gift. And, in my mind, It would also further entice them to pay the gesture forward.


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