How Boredom Can Lead to Success

The way I see it, boredom can go one of two ways.

The first way is a life of numb pursuit of instant gratification. You’ll seek the newest gaming consoles or the newest Netflix series.

The second way leads to a life of constant fulfillment. Once you are bored having achieved your current goal, then you will strive to attain the next.

The latter is how I’ve lived my life. I’ve noticed that after about 2-3 months I can no longer continue to embark on the same goal without feeling immensely bored.

This has been something that has plagued me. I used to think that this “ADD” mentality was always going to leave me broke and unhappy.

However, after several iterations of this mentality playing out in real life, I’ve realized that this perceived “weakness” is actually a God-given strength.

Now, I make more money than I ever have in my life. And it took several years of being bored and moving on to the next thing before I was able to get where I am now.

And, after getting where I am now, I must confess: I am bored.

What’s next?

I have a few ideas that excite me. And these ideas might limit me at first. But once I delve fully into them, I believe that they will be extremely fun and extremely lucrative.

When I look back at my life, it was the boredom that has allowed me to quickly transcend my current state of being…whether it was financial or relationship-based.

Boredom has always been a reliable signal that I needed something more.

And since I’ve never settled for less than 100% fulfillment, the boredom has been the go-to emotion for when I need to switch gears.

What I’ve found is that boredom has always led me to an amazing life. Boredom is the force that has signaled me into greater bliss.

Nowadays I’m extremely grateful for boredom because it is the signpost that guides my life.

Whenever I’m bored I always think about what I can do to give my life more meaning. In the past this has involved taking what I’m already doing to the next level or doing something different altogether.

Boredom has allowed me to achieve way more than satisfaction.

Believe me, I love being satisfied. It feels great. But boredom is that force that pushes me to seek greater satisfaction in everything I do.

My advice to you, comrade, is to stay bored. Stay hungry. The more you’re bored, the more readily able you are to seek something bigger and better.

Pay attention to when you feel bored and be very honest with yourself about what it is you need to feel satisfied again.

If you’re a person who is truly conscious, then I’ll bet you find that you are 1) able to accomplish your goals much faster than you ever dreamed, and 2) bored after about 2-3 months of doing the same thing.

The unconscious person is one who simply lets life pass them by. They say things like, “Don’t worry…I’m almost done…I’ve only got 12 years left until retirement.”

This is unfathomable to me.

To me, 12 years is an eternity within which anyone can accomplish just about anything.

So don’t stay satisfied.

Don’t get comfortable.

And make boredom your best friend.

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