How the World Eats Manifestors Alive

Manifestors have an incredibly important role to the evolution of the planet.

Weighing in at less than a tenth of the entire world’s population, we manifestors really have to make the most of the time we have here.

Think about it: we are literally the only class of humans designed to initiate.

It is the energy of the manifestor than creates the biggest impact – perhaps the biggest force of change – on the entire planet.

I don’t think manifestors appreciate this enough.

The tendency for most manifestors is to succumb to a life of quiet solitude and peace, only to get stuck in their comfort zones and then cease manifesting altogether.

This is because the world is an often difficult place for manifestors to thrive…so many of us end up withdrawing from the world altogether.

I know I’ve been there. It’s too easy of a trap to fall into.

The three most important elements for a manifestor are:

  1. Deep inner peace
  2. Rest and recharge time
  3. Quiet and solitude (yes – even from your own family!)

Without these elements, a manifestor life is as good as wasted. And it’s because of this that many manifestors tend to see these elements as their end goal…which ultimately leads them to become withdrawn from the affairs of the world.

But, sadly, the world is lost without us. That’s really something you have to remind yourself of daily. As a manifestor, you possess a unique gift that the world depends on.

Your passions, your initiative, and your ferocity are desperately needed for the continued evolution of our planet’s consciousness.

And although restful solitude is important for manifestors, it is our emergence that gets things done and creates change.

Unfortunately, the world doesn’t value evolution as much as it values survival.

Most people want to turn a blind eye to the world’s problems. They want to keep operating according to the staus quo and “business as usual.”

It’s rather unlikely that someone is going to come up to you and request your initiative. It is YOU who has to pull it out of yourself. YOU are responsible for bringing about the change that global consciousness thirsts for.

And the way you do this is through your action…your aligned action. Without alignment, us manifestors simply spin ourselves in circles, likely becoming depressed and discouraged.

The way you become “in alignment” with your action is by living your design. Your design isn’t going to live itself for you – you have to take responsibility for yourself.

This includes becoming familiar with your inner authority – whether you’re emotional, ego-based, or spleenic. These are the only three authorities that a manifestor can have. Click here for more info on your authority.

But I would argue that even more important than your authority is how your body feels. It is important to realize that it is a misconception to think of your body as a messenger…your body is but a result. It does not initiate.

The power of your initiation comes from your heart. That’s why deep inner peace is so important for manifestors…it creates a purity and a relaxation in our hearts that allows the energy to flow into us from Source.

So if your body feels exhausted, especially for no apparent reason, then that means you are not living in alignment with your actions.

In a world run by generators, dominated by notions of productivity, and dictated by clocks and calendars, it is no wonder why it is so easy for a manifestor to end up in a state of exhaustion – or, as I like to call it, miscreation.

You cannot create when you’re exhausted. So if you ever feel the need to exhaust yourself, make sure you’re using your energy to break through and produce change. Otherwise you’re just doing sustaining-type activities and thus trying to be a generator.

So let’s get one thing clear before we go any further: you are not a generator. Being a generator will kill you – physically or emotionally or both.

You are a manifestor. And the way you become effective for yourself and for the world is by learning to manage your energy and sustain your peace. Not exactly a simple task in a world that has you run, run, run all the time.

That’s why I think all manifestors should learn to be entrepreneurs and independent freelancers. But regardless of how you make a living, it is absolutely essential that you have control over your time.

Words like “productivity,” “efficiency,” “timeliness,” and “deadline” are some of the biggest killers for manifestors. These phenomena only create anxiety, unease, and tension for the manifestor.

If you want to do great things, you’re going to have to rid yourself of the world’s way of doing things. For me, this took a lot of courage (and still does).

You will never create or do anything great when you experience tension, exhaustion, or unease in the body. The body and how you feel are symptoms of living either in or out of alignment.

This is true no matter what your authority is.

So the first step to being able to show up for the world is to first show up for yourself.

But don’t stop there, manifestor.

The world needs us. We are the only class capable of initiating. If you’re not going to do it, then who will?

Once you’ve found your peace and tranquility, don’t stop there.

Don’t be afraid, manifestor, to then rejoin the world and burst forth with your gifts, your clarity, and your purpose and passion.

Your purpose in life will unfold for you once you learn to live in peace and pursue the things you’re passionate about.

Your true gifts will begin to emerge in unexpected ways as you approach the world with a new set of eyes.

There is no room for judgment for the manifestor.

Accept. Now.

Accept the world, accept others, and – most importantly – accept yourself.

You are a manifestor…

…when it comes to initiating, you are the chosen one.


  1. Rebecca Dumais said:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I need to hear these things over and over again. It is a challenge for me to not be “productive” but as you said it is a killer for me emotionally and physically. One thing though is, it takes time. Time to learn my limits. Time to heal from overextending myself. I have found I am a “manifestor in recovery” right now. And patience and self-care is key.

    January 5, 2018
  2. Lorien said:

    I’m a 1/3 manifestor, which I’m told means that my life’s goal is to focus on initiating change for myself, a.k.a, exist as a useless eater. Seriously, why would anyone want to exist if their life’s goal was to focus on themselves? How completely and utterly pointless! I wish I’d never heard of “Human Design”. I don’t need yet another “authority” telling me that I was born under a bad sign!

    April 16, 2018

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