How to Enjoy A Guilt Free Life

What are you here for?

Why do you exist?

Is it even possible to know what your purpose is?

And if so, then what do you do along the way to your purpose?

Whatever you do – even if it’s nothing at all – you are experiencing a journey.

No conscious individual can live a life without experience.

It’s one of the few things that’s central to each and every human being…perhaps each and every thing too.

Along the journey, you will have some “bad” experiences and you will have some “good” ones.

But is there really such a thing?

If you really drill down to the core of concepts such as “good” and “bad,” can you be absolutely sure that there’s even such a thing?

Ask someone 500 years ago whether they can be absolutely sure that matter is solid and they will affirm without even a slight moment’s hesitation.

And it would have been easy to “prove”…they might’ve knocked on a table, pulled your hair, or threw an apple into a tree.

Today, however, science is aggressively closing in on the fact that “solid” matter is actually mostly empty space and, at its most fundamental level, isn’t actually “solid” at all. Rather, the world that you and I are so familiar with is actually composed of infinitesimally small strands of vibrating probability.

If you think you know something, then you probably haven’t quite drilled down far enough.

So with that being said, how can you absolutely know that certain experiences are bad while others are good?

You can’t.

You couldn’t.

So why would you choose to see them as such?

Hmm…perhaps it wasn’t your choice at all. Maybe you’ve been socially conditioned to perceive a dualistic nature of reality.

In yesterday’s article, I discussed the counter-intuitive nature of achieving your wildest dreams.

As it turns out, many things are not as you expect them to be…and few things are.

So why not just assume that you might not actually know the things that you think you know?

Why not just give up the notion of understanding?

Why not just live?

If you were to simply look at life as a fluid experience, and nothing more than that, I would be willing to bet that life gets a whole lot easier and more pleasant.

We spend so much time and energy faulting ourselves and others because of a belief that we have about how we think we/they should be.

It’s almost as if we all have a conclusion that there must have been a mistake made.

How could you trust a Creator who created a world full of inhabiting lifeforms that, according to your calculations, make so many mistakes?

It’s seriously as if you believe that there could possibly have been a mistake made.

And if you fully believe there has been…then I would urge you to drill down a bit deeper into that assumption.

Because it could just as easily be the case that no mistake was ever made.

It’s just as likely that everything here is just an experience and nothing more than that.

In other words, concepts like right/wrong, good/bad, and up/down might all be totally illusory…just like the illusory yet immensely compelling nature of matter and reality itself.

So in a world where you don’t really know – and couldn’t really know – why would you waste even a drop of concern trying to determine the dualistic nature of a thought, behavior, event, feeling, or tendency?

Why won’t you just give up your conclusions and just live your life?

Why can’t you just stop judging yourself and others and just have the experience?

Put simply: stop judging yourself for the experiences you want to have. Just have them. Move on. And then apply the same logic to others.

If you really think about it, there’s really no need to form conclusions about the journey when instead you could just take it as it comes.

Because for every conclusion you have, there is a completely opposite one just waiting to be found.

What you believe today may be different than what you believe tomorrow.

And it’s quite possible that you will never know which one was true.

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