How to Get the Creator to Help You

You have a will.

It was gifted to you by the creator.

Your will affords you the power to choose.

The stronger your will, the greater your power to choose.

In order to strengthen your will, you must overcome obstacles.

Each goal requires a certain level of strength before you’re able to will it into existence.

To boost your strength, you must face resistance.

For now, any resistance will do…as long as it’s generally in the direction of your goal.

What is it that you don’t want to do? Start there.

Maybe it’s wake up earlier. Maybe it’s research. Maybe it’s exercise.

Whatever you will to gain, you have the power to achieve. You just need to do your part.

Do the hard thing…the thing that you are uncomfortable doing.

Pick something that is difficult for you and then do it.

The time will come when the creator sees your effort and then multiplies it unto you.

How long it takes does not matter. Just put your head down and do the hard thing.

This is why hard work is so powerful.

But you must differentiate between hard work and the right work.

And the difference lies in your comfort zone.

You will know when you’re doing the right work when it is not only hard, but it is uncomfortable.

Whatever it is you will to achieve, you must first build the required strength.

Unfortunately, this cannot be done within the confines of your comfort zone.

No strength is ever gained in idleness. -The Aquarian Gospel

You must be in motion. But you need resistance in order for motion to be effective.

What is it that you resist?

Think about it.

What is it that you resist?

Go there, and you shall find the results.

Dwell there and keep your head down. Before you know it, a power greater than yourself will do the heavy lifting.

All you are required to do is a little bit. Let the creator do the rest.

More is not necessarily better.

Consistency is key.

Just do a little bit each day and you will eventually arrive at your goal.

How long, you ask?

As long as it takes.

Infinite patience yields immediate results.

The magic lies in the commitment.

With every effort you will gain strength. With every conquest outside of your comfort zone, you will gain power.

The creator will not conquer your foes. It will not defeat your demons. And it will not overcome your challenges.

The creator strives not to achieve your goals; it supports you in the exercise of your own free will…the support of your own goals.

It will be there to guide you on whatever conquest you choose to embark.

Whether it’s good or bad, the creator will support you in anything. But it is you who must experience the consequences.

You will reap that which you sow.

So take your first step. Go out of your comfort zone. Do what it is that you do not want to do.

And then just keep your head down and walk with the faith that you will be assisted by a greater force.

It works every time.

To get what you’ve never gotten, you must do what you’ve never done.

If at first you do not believe, then your lack of faith is your first foe.

Here’s how to conquer this foe:

“Dearest creator…I am about to embark on a journey toward my goal of ____. I ask that you give me the courage to take the first step and the strength for each step thereafter. My faith is weak but I am willing to trust that if I do my part, you will intervene on my behalf, lifting from my path the obstructions that I am presently unable to conquer.”

In other words, just come clean. Ask for the support of the creator. Tell the greater power that you lack sureness in your step and that you need to be guided. Ask the creator to show you that you are being supported. Ask for the evidence and it will appear.

You will be guided. Mankind has never been without a guiding light.

Simply ask to be guided, and you will receive the light.

This is how you summon the help and great power of the creative forces.

You were created with a will…a will to achieve what it is that you desire.

With every effort enacted by your will, you ascend to greater heights.

The more powerful your will becomes, the more magnificent things you can create into existence.

By taking the first step, you breathe life into the fire of your desired destiny.

If you are unsure which step to take, WEEK OF POWER is a great start.



  1. DANIEL Fowler said:

    DC your words of wisdom have given me a map my friend.. Many thanks look forward to the next adventure.

    January 18, 2017
    • D/C Russ said:

      Many thanks for the support and the commitment to your path of self growth.

      January 18, 2017

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