How to Locate Your Destiny

Destiny is a funny thing.

Often times, the way you find your destiny is by first finding out where it’s not.

We’re all raised to do things that are very far from our destiny.

Our education is standardized. Our expectations are standardized. And our goals and aspirations are conditioned.

Most people are not taught the importance of their destiny or their mission in life. They’re simply left to starve in a cold, lonely world that degrades them for pursuing their dreams.

Sounds negative, but it has a lot of truth to it.

The good news is that your destiny isn’t just waiting passively for you to find it.

Your destiny is actively seeking you. It’s actively calling your name.

In many ways, it can be said that your destiny is trying to find you.

And for every day that goes by, you can choose to ignore it or aspire to hear it.

It can also be said that your entire life is nothing but a constant pursuit for the ever-changing, ever-sharpening destiny.

You might not ever find it…but you can find the path.

The path of your destiny is one in which you feel pulled toward.

And depending on how far away you are from your destiny, it might feel closer to a “pulling away” than a “pulling toward.”

If you’ve spent your life doing what others/the world told you to do, then you are probably pretty far away from your destiny. And in order to begin being pulled by your destiny, you’ll first have to be pulled away from what everyone else told you to do.

This can be a lonely, and in fact painful, process for many people.

There is usually a large ocean between the mainland and your island of paradise. The journey is long and the ocean is vast. But the sail is always worth it.

All you have to do is get to that island.

The way you do it is simple:

  1. Get to the mainland’s shore
  2. Find/build a boat
  3. Get in the boat and set sail
  4. Keep sailing and never go back

Most people stay on the mainland their entire lives. Very few people will ever set sail. And even fewer will continue the journey.

The good news is that once you reach your paradise island, you’re no longer alone. You will find amazing people, amazing relationships, and amazing possibilities are waiting for you.

Soon you will forget all about the mainland.

But you first have to pull away from it.

And if you’re like many people, you’re somewhere right in the middle of the mainland…just getting to the coast is going to feel like a battle in and of itself.

You will know when you’ve reached the shore when the feeling starts to shift from a “pulling away” to a “pulling towards.”

To get to paradise island, you’ll likely have to let a lot of things go. Unproductive habits, possessions, and relationships that hold you back must all be abandoned and forgotten.

You didn’t think paradise was going to come without sacrifice, did you?

First you have to drift away from all things non-paradise. Then you must begin your journey alone. And only then will you begin to hear the true calling of your destiny.

Brave journey, comrade.

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