How to Make Opportunities Fall Right into Your Lap

To me, this tip that I’m about to share has always been a no-brainer.

And it absolutely astonishes me when people don’t apply it to their own lives.

Again and again I watch people instead choose to create more problems for themselves by doing the opposite of this advice.

And when things don’t go their way, they have a big story about how unfairly they were treated.

Instead of just telling you the advice, let me give it to you in example form:

One time I had a difficult situation with an online auto parts distributor. We had to change the rear wheel bearings in our ’79 Mercedes.

Luckily, they sold everything we needed to do the job in a single kit. Unluckily, the kit was not accurate, and the seals that came in the kit were actually for a different model. After hours and hours of trying to get the seals to fit, we realized that they were not even for our car.

As it turned out, we found out they were the wrong seals at a step in the procedure when there was no going back. So we had a dismantled car sitting in our driveway for almost two weeks while we waited for the new seals to arrive.

We could not put the car back together with the old parts and now we had no transportation. We couldn’t get food. We couldn’t run errands. We were completely stuck…all because the company sent us the wrong seals.

My wife was pissed. As was I.

But I knew that this is just the nature of life. Things like this happen to everyone at some point. The only thing we could do now was to try and at least get our money back for the frustration.

So my wife said I should be the one to call the company, since I’m much nicer on the phone when these things happen. And it’s because I’ve always known about this secret and I always apply it…no matter what.

I kindly explained to the customer service representative our issue and our frustrations. She was immediately empathetic and I explained over and over that we understood that these things happen.

The woman said it was against their policy to issue refunds and that there was nothing they could do. And I calmly said, “Ok well thanks so much for hearing us out. I appreciate your time, have a nice day.”

Little did I know…the woman thought I was so pleasant that she took time out of her day to escalate the ticket and request our refund. Days later I received an email saying how pleasant I was and that she was able to get the refund after all.

Not only that, but I found out that this was not any ordinary representative…but that this woman was the head of marketing.

When I noticed that they didn’t have a web presence, I told her that I’m involved with web development and that I do digital marketing.

“Oh my, a web developer! That’s just what we need!”

Long story short, this company was a subsidiary of a much larger organization that needed an entire platform for all their companies. And it ended up being a project that was over ten times more profitable than any other project I’ve ever gotten…

…all because I kept my calm and remained polite and positive.

This kind of thing happens to me all the time.

To close, let me give you a really quick example that illustrates the opposite of this advice:

I have a neighbor who was lucky enough to land a job within walking distance of his house. He has three kids, so the short commute and flexible hours was ideal.

However, when he learned that he wasn’t going to get enough hours from this job, he simply did not show up to work when he said he would.

The management was very angry with him because he didn’t notify them. And he wouldn’t answer his phone when they called.

Instead of taking responsibility for this situation and apologizing, his strategy was to avoid the management…which he could only keep up for so long since he lived so close.

He blamed the company for not giving him a decent living, even though it was a new and growing business. The guy then demanded the $10 dollars he accrued that he didn’t get paid for.

My neighbor chose to play the “denial and blame game” instead of being nice, honest, and upfront. He then became extremely defensive and bitter, instead of remaining calm and positive.


Wouldn’t you know it…

I was in town talking with someone who started talking about a job opening they had. The position was full time and paid very well. They needed someone with the exact experience and qualifications that my neighbor had. This person asked me if I knew anyone who might be interested in the position.

“Yes!” I said to myself as I thought about my neighbor.

But after just a moment of consideration, his behavior at his last job immediately flashed through my mind. And I then became immediately concerned about my own reputation: there was no way that I was going to recommend my neighbor for the position.

And I immediately became saddened. Because I could have helped to create a situation that would have benefited so many people.

But out of moral integrity, I could not. So I simply replied, “No, but I’ll keep my eyes open if anyone qualified shows up.”

I haven’t yet decided if I should tell my neighbor that this happened. Nevertheless, here is a prime example of an opportunity that he missed that he would have never even seen or thought was possible!

When he acted the way he did towards his last employer, he must have thought that the experience happened in a vacuum.

But the truth is that nothing happens in a vacuum. Whether it’s a witness or just the unseen forces of karma, there is always someone or something watching.

Remain vigilant, comrade. Be the best person you can be. Stay positive. Remain calm. And always stay true to yourself and others.

If you do this, you will stand out from the sea of people who go through life expecting handouts. People love to help good people.

So be good.

And if you do this, you will find that more good opportunities will fall right into your lap. Otherwise, you might just miss out on something that could change your life.

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