Never be Disappointed Again

laidbackHello friends,

I’ve been learning a lot these last couple months traveling through the forest. I know it’s been a while since posting but don’t think I forgot about you…I haven’t had access to the internet in a long time.

My journey so far has been great. New people, incredible experiences, and an entirely different way of life.

There were plenty of times when things weren’t working out the way I wanted them to…and it caused me a great deal of pain. I had to find some way to detach from what was happening and just appreciate it for the unique experience it was.

I’ve found that the things you think you need to live are actually quite trivial and you’d probably be happier and more free without them.

Harness the power of ‘preference’ and you will never be disappointed again.

Realize that you cannot possibly know how something will affect you until you experience it. So why would you judge it ahead of time?

For example, there were times in my journey when a hot shower just wasn’t accessible to me. So I took a cold shower instead. It was uncomfortable at first, but the more times I did it, the easier it became.

Half a dozen cold showers later, I started getting used to it. I was able to see the benefits. Cold showers are healthy, revitalizing, and they feel amazing!

Now, even when I have access to a hot shower, I still take a cold one once in a while. It’s an incredibly refreshing experience.

And the crazy thing is, before this chapter in my life, I used to think a hot shower was a need of mine. That no matter what I did in life, I would have to have a hot shower anywhere I went.

That mindset limits you. When you’re open to going out of your comfort zone, you discover amazing things about yourself that greatly enhance your quality of life.

For me, the last two months of my journey through the forest have toughened me up beyond measure and I now feel like a totally different person.

Sure, I could have resisted by bitching and complaining the whole time but I decided instead to drop my insatiable need to have my preferences met.

Preferences are okay. But if your preferences become too out of control, then you’re bordering on addiction.

Remember that you’re giving life all the meaning that it has for you. It’s easier to just go with the flow and be present with the experience than to fight and resist it.

Alright, time to pay my car insurance. No big deal. Just go with the flow and you’ll enjoy life a whole lot more, comrade.

Until next time,

D/C Russ

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