How to Never Run Out of Inspiration

A relative recently asked me how I am able to write so much and so often…”Where do you get your inspiration from?” she asked.

I told her that inspiration isn’t something you “get,” it’s something you uncover.

When you’re living a life of purpose and destiny, inspiration erupts out of you naturally.

A life of bland mediocrity is the #1 killer of inspiration.

What is inspiration?

Inspiration is a powerful feeling.

The best way to describe it is that it’s a feeling of “I can. And I want to.”

Not only does being inspired feel good, it also produces great work.

Inspiration is that driving force that fuels your creativity and gives you powerful results in your quality of life, state of being, and ability to accomplish your goals.

When you feel inspired, you feel hopeful. It’s a feeling of expansiveness and enlargement of possibilities.

Inspiration is like a large, open, airy, and bright, well-lit room with big open windows and an expansive landscape that crawls as far as the eye can see.

Why is inspiration important?

Inspiration, like happiness, has a noticeable cumulative effect. The more often you feel inspired, the better sense of well being, peace, and contentedness you have.

Inspiration is good for your health, your mood, and frees you up to make better lifestyle decisions.

Put simply: when you’re inspired, life is better. And when life is better, then you enjoy it more and your inspiration becomes infectious.

If you want to change the world, it is essential that you regularly experience feelings of inspiration so that you can transmit them to others through your life and your work.

How does inspiration benefit your life?

The reason why inspiration is so important is because it allows you to reach into the ether to explore possibilities that aren’t currently in your physical reality.

Inspiration allows you to feel hope in life, which builds your desire to be more, accomplish more, and have more. It is the resulting force for living a life that is about thriving and not just surviving.

For many people, inspiration is the force that separates them from the day-to-day struggle and allows them to envision a world of self-actualization, which is arguably the most important phase of development for a person to go through.

This phase is the hallmark of human evolution primarily because it simply cannot be obtained unless the basic survival needs of the human organism are achieved.

Throughout all of human history, the ability of people to meet their basic needs has been the driving force of existence. In the last 10,000 years, since the onset of agriculture, human beings have made significant breakthroughs in this area of accomplishment, to the point where mere survival is decreasingly the primary focus of life

The rate of extreme poverty is declining rapidly and we now live in a world in which basic survival is obtainable for the highest percentage of people throughout all of human history.

This is certainly a crowning achievement, enabling the planet as a whole to begin to move closer to the creative forces of existence, rather than just the sustaining ones.

So when you become inspired, you unlock a portion of your brain that serves to unite you to the ongoing effort of human achievement in this arena.

By becoming inspired yourself, you are able to unite with all of humanity and shine your light with what is truly possible once you feel creatively inclined to do something that actualizes your existence. In this way, you are able to give back to humanity as a whole, helping to inspire others with your own inspiration.

This feeling of ‘giving back’ only intensifies the already immensely satisfying feelings of inspiration and self-actualization.

In a nutshell, inspiration is massively beneficial because it allows you to experience strong, positive emotions and then have the satisfaction of sharing those with others. Plus, when you’re inspired, everything seems to flow better. You’re more relaxed, less stressed and anxious, and you find that you get more done in less time because you have the ease of being able to focus on the present moment.

When you’re constantly inspired, you also have a counter to the times when you’re feeling less-than-inspired…helping you to weather life’s storms and maintain your confidence even under suboptimal circumstances.

Inspiration is also a preventative measure against many common mental and physical ailments.

Put simply, everything works (and feels) better when you’re regularly inspired. And you’ll enjoy life a lot more as a result.

How is inspiration cultivated?

When it comes to inspiration, it’s not so much what you do but rather what you don’t do.

Inspiration is a natural state of a human being.

If you’re not regularly inspired, it’s because you’ve allowed yourself to be swallowed up by the widespread social forces of mediocrity.

As long as you don’t do things that kill your inspiration, you will naturally uncover it within yourself.

Inspiration comes from the desire to uncover meaning in life, and you cannot do this while you are stuck in a survival-based, day-to-day mentality.

What kinds of things kill inspiration?

9-to-5 jobs are the #1 killer of inspiration. Not all of them, but 99% of them. Don’t get a job. If you have a job, quit that job and never look back.

Laziness will sap your inspiration and make it very difficult to get it back. To counteract this, start exercising regularly and/or get out into nature regularly.

Procrastination. Nothing builds stress like procrastination. And stress will drown out your inspiration. When you procrastinate, you will be eaten alive by inspiration-killing stress. Don’t wait to do things. Get in the habit of saying to yourself “1… 2… 3… Go.” and then just begin whatever activity you’ve been procrastinating on. Don’t think, just do.

Material comfort is another huge destroyer of inspiration. But this one is sneaky. It takes time for material comfort to subdue you. If you’re constantly comfortable in life, then you will eventually become subdued, which will lead to laziness. Striving for goals that are out of reach for you will help you to stay lean and mean. Do not form attachments to material items. Free yourself from belongings. Fast. Exercise. Do hard shit. Chop wood. Go outside when it’s hot and cold. Don’t allow yourself to sink into complacency. Stay hungry.

Excessive sexual expression and masturbation will leave you in the dumps and depressed as hell. To remedy this, simply stop fucking and masturbating so much. One thing that I’ve found to be pretty helpful is utilizing non-ejaculatory orgasms to satisfy the need without spilling the seed. I don’t really know how or if this works for people with pussies…so if you have a pussy you’ll have to experiment with that yourself.

Here’s a final grab bag of all the things that kill inspiration: excessive smoking, drinking, gambling, sleep deprivation, caffeine, video games, unhealthy food…do I need to go on?

What are the basic building blocks to inspiration?

Provided you’re not doing any of the above negative habits to excess, building your inspiration starts with making sure you have the proper space to exist.

Obviously if you’re starving to death with no roof over your head, it’s going to be really difficult to feel inspired.

In a nutshell, when it comes to your basic, biological and survival needs, this is an effective rule-of-thumb to go by: make sure your needs are adequately – but not excessively – provided for.

This will allow you to thrive without being bogged down by an over-saturation of material comforts that make you lazy and slothful.

Beyond your basic survival needs (not dying), it’s important that the quality of the food you’re eating and the roof over your head are sufficient to assist you in building your inspiration.

Let’s first talk about food.

Your food needs to be healthy. And, unfortunately, most people have a completely crazy idea of what healthy is.

I have heard someone try to tell me that pizza is healthy because it has all of your food groups on it.

My friends, pizza is not healthy. It’s pre-processed garbage.

Soon I will release an article for a full understanding of what’s healthy and what’s not. Generally speaking, eat whole, natural fruits, grains, nuts, eggs, and vegetables. Meat is optional…but make sure it’s high quality.

The second element is your shelter.

You need to live in a place. As a relatively hairless biological being, you are going to need something to shelter your meat bag.

Make sure that your meat bag is sufficiently comfortable and that you have the adequate space to allow your inspiration to thrive.

This means that if you are consistently crammed in a physically small space, then so too will your inspiration become cramped and uncomfortable.

But you don’t need a mansion to meet this need. A simple, modest dwelling is perfectly acceptable so long as it has all of the amenities of modern day living.

Your inspiration simply cannot thrive in an environment that’s too small, too dark, too dirty, or too dingy. You will need to have a clean and open space in which to exist.

Furthermore, make sure to keep whatever open space you have as uncluttered as possible. This means no knick-knacks, doilies, or decorative furniture. Although many decorations seem to inspire you at first, it is very likely that this will soon fade and you’ll be left with an empty object that just takes up room and encroaches into your capacity for inspiration.

If you haven’t used and/or appreciated something for more than two or three months, get rid of it. Inspiration requires space and an uncluttered space is one of the key building blocks for it.

The final essential building block to inspiration is money.

You need to have money and you need to have enough of it so that you don’t feel anxious.

Anxiety of any kind will downright destroy your chances of inspiration. And one of the leading causes of anxiety has to do with money and career.

If you dread going into work, find a different job or just quit.

If you don’t have enough money, find a way to make more money while you eliminate your expenses.

In 99% of all cases, you need to be actively searching for a way to make a comfortable living without having to trade your soul to a boss or a lifeless job.

There is no reason that you should be a victim of financial anxiety. Even a humble income can provide you the space needed to become inspired, provided that it also works with your lifestyle.

You don’t need a fancy cell phone bill…there are fantastic data plans out there for only $40/month. You don’t need an expensive car…and there are many used cars that you can buy that have tons of repair tutorials on the internet. And you don’t need an expensive mortgage or rental…these things can cost $300 or less per month if you’re smart. Finally, food is very inexpensive if you only buy whole ingredients and supplement with rice and beans; pre-packaged food will kill your wallet and your health.

To summarize, you will need good food, good shelter, good income, good lifestyle control, and acceptable utilities and provisions. Once all things are sufficiently provided for, then you are at the point at which all of the building blocks are in place for you to experience massive levels of inspiration.

How do you amplify the effects of inspiration?

Once you’ve gotten the basic building blocks for inspiration, it’s time to really crank up the dials.

The best way I know how to do this is through action.

I am certain that inspiration comes through when you’ve uncovered it and made an effort to bring it out of yourself.

To reiterate: you don’t “get” inspiration, you bring it out of yourself. It comes from within, not from without.

That being said, sometimes it can be helpful to hitch this process of self-discovery to an external discipline.

For example, if you’re an aspiring writer, you should not expect to feel inspired unless you’ve demanded that of yourself by setting a pace.

Inspiration doesn’t just come to you, sometimes you have to dig it out of yourself.

In order for inspiration to flow naturally and regularly, it is essential that you are committed to your craft. If you’re an aspiring writer and you never write, then don’t expect your inspiration to last.

Daily disciplines even when the inspiration isn’t currently present is the best way to ensure that the inspiration will be there in the future. In other words, write even if you don’t feel like writing. Write when you’re awake, write when you’re asleep, write when you’re driving down the road. If you don’t anchor your inspiration to an external discipline then you will never have the leverage to pull it out of yourself.

Don’t let this confuse you.

Your inspiration is inside of you, but in order to pull it out you will need to practice its expression in the external world.

Inspiration is not a fool. You can’t pretend that you’re inspired. You have to demonstrate a willingness and a commitment to unleashing its potential. Inspiration does not come to lazy people…it is a gift for the motivated, disciplined, and courageous.

You will come to find that your inspiration is your muse. It is the driving force that pushes you to accomplish things you never thought possible.

What can I do right now in order to become inspired?

There are many ways that you can go about becoming inspired right now.

You could do something creative, like writing a poem, painting, or drawing a picture.

You could brainstorm or ponder your goals or what you love to do. Sometimes a very simple session where you reflect on your perfect life is enough to get you feeling excited and inspired.

Some people claim that their greatest ideas come to them while they’re in the shower or bath. So maybe you could carve out some time and do an extended bathing session.

You could put pen to paper and continuously write out all of the things you want in life.

You could watch inspirational videos on the internet or maybe even an inspirational movie.

Maybe try not getting out of bed right away…just stay in bed and enjoy the thoughts and ideas that come to you when you’re fully rested.

You could do nothing at all and instead just sit and be in peace as you wait for ideas to come to you.

The point is that there are many creative things that you can do in order to become inspired. But the problem is that so many people simply focus only on the feeling of being inspired, and then they neglect to do anything with the inspiration.

Inspiration is not just a one-time choice. It’s a job that you must continuously perform if you ever want to see results from it.

You can think of inspiration as a flower that you’re trying to grow. Or even a fruit tree. You have to get it to grow to a certain point before you’re able to reap the benefits of the endeavor.

Once you’re feeling inspired, this is the time to act. Inspiration is nothing without action.

But far too many people just get their fix of inspiration and then go about their day. Then they literally become addicted to the feeling of being inspired to the point where their brain actually tricks them into thinking they’re moving forward.

Sadly, many of them are not and they become inspiration addicts and self-help junkies.

In the same way that action creates inspiration, action also sustains it. And it is also action that transforms inspiration into tangible results.

In other words, without action you will go nowhere and inspiration will never evolve beyond a simple dopamine fix.

To combat this, think of inspiration as a living being you’re committed to. You may only see or interact with the being once a day or once a week. But all the while you are working to help that relationship grow.

You’re not going to see someone once a week and then spend the rest of that week being a total piece of shit. Not in your right mind at least.

Inspiration works the same way. In order to have it regularly, you must show it that you are creating space for it. This means maintaining a regular discipline of bringing to life the things you want to bring to life, even when (especially when) you don’t necessary “feel” like doing it.

Work hard for inspiration and she will work hard for you. Remember that she’s smart and you can’t trick her.

Final notes on inspiration

Inspiration is not a right. It is a gift.

And it is a gift you must earn if you want to experience its effects regularly.

You must learn to care for your inspiration and water it as if it were a growing flower.

Each and every day, go to work for your inspiration…whatever that work is for you currently.

For me, it was choosing to write every single day, even when I didn’t feel like it. It was brainstorming and constantly pondering the material that would help draw my inspiration out.

When you’re committed to your craft and you consistently engage with it, the inspiration will flow naturally and move you to where you need to be.

If you sit around watching TV all day then inspiration has no need to erupt from within.

Achieving inspiration must be earned. It must be cultivated. It must be provided for. And it must be cherished.

If you think that inspiration is something that happens to everyone, then think again. Take one look at the faces you pass each and every day. Ask yourself if these people are inspired.

Most people are not.

They are dead inside: lifeless bodies that have not yet been buried.

To be inspired, you must be willing to walk a disciplined path that the masses are not willing to do. You must commit to yourself, to your craft, to your work, and to your inspiration.

Without providing the space for the inspiration, it will never have a reason to come out and assist you with its intense power.

It’s very simple: be the person you know you need to be and then inspiration will pour out of you each and every day.


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