How to Tell if Someone is a Piece of Shit

There are a lot of warning signs that make it very easy to tell if an individual is “less than savory.”

People who are pieces of shit are not bad people…they are just people who make poor choices that negatively impact others around them.

The reason for this is trauma.

If you ever wonder why someone is such a piece of shit, look no further than their own parents and their childhood.

Everyone here has a certain strategy for dealing with life. And for people who have experienced trauma, especially in their formative years, that strategy usually involves a lot of shitty behavior.

So in reality, it does no good to judge them and wish bad things would happen to them.

But it does help tremendously to observe the warning signs of a piece of shit person primarily so that you don’t have to be subject to their shitty behavior.

Warning Sign #1 – They’re Super Nice at First

Pieces of shit are always extremely nice, helpful, and charming at the beginning. In fact, this is often referred to as the “Prince Charming Effect.”

If they go out of their way to do nice things for you early in the relationship, then you should be on alert…as you might be talking to a piece of shit in the making.

Even simple gestures done with an overly saccharine poise should alert you to an impending piece of shit.

Warning Sign #2 – Too Many Compliments

Nothing screams “piece of shit” more than someone who is always setting out to compliment you on your character, personality, or abilities.

It might feel really good at first to be told all of these nice things about yourself. And many of them might even be true. But if a person gives too many compliments, it’s because they want you to trust them.

Be wary of too many compliments, especially early on in your knowing the person. It almost always leads to trouble, like them asking you for something or setting you up to manipulate you in the long-term.

Warning Sign #3 – Early Confessions of Feelings

Another sign of a piece of shit is that they confess their feelings about you very early on in the relationship. If it is sexual, they’ll be the first ones to say that they love you, usually right after the first instance of intercourse.

If it is a friendship, they might say something to the effect of, “I’ve never had a friend like you.” Or even, “No one has ever inspired me like you do.”

Early confessions are a big red flag that you’re dealing with someone who is insecure and will often use manipulative techniques like compliments to throw you off their track.

Warning Sign #4 – Weird or Odd Behavior

This one can be hard to detect, as people do a lot of weird things. But if someone says or does something that makes you go, “Hmm…” “Huh,” “What?” or any other internal expression of confusion and puzzlement, then you might have a piece of shit on your hands.

For example, doing or saying something with an inappropriate tone or edge is a strong indication. Usually this behavior is not obvious, easy to explain away, and leaves you with a funny feeling. If you find yourself trying to explain away something the person said or did, then beware!

This warning sign usually occurs within the first 3-5 encounters with the individual. And if you see something strange, don’t write it off and forget about it. Note it and keep your distance.

Warning Sign #5 – Aggressive Behavior When Intoxicated

Alcohol does not turn people into pieces of shit. The only thing alcohol does is remove a person’s inhibitions. Often times, you can learn a lot about a person very quickly when they are drunk…more so than you can when they’re sober.

If they naturally seem inclined to over-drinking and then start acting aggressive, hostile, or belligerent then you almost certainly have a piece of shit on your hands.

Nod and smile and gracefully excuse yourself as soon as you can.

Warning Sign #6 – They Talk Themselves Up

Anytime you’re dealing with someone who has to constantly talk about themselves, especially the parts that they find brag-worthy, then you’ve almost certainly got a piece of shit on your hands.

Pieces of shit are so insecure that they don’t even notice that other, sane people are completely turned off by their constant self-aggrandizement. They just keep telling you about the time when they were really nice, super helpful, extremely competent, etc. etc. etc.

This self-praise comes in many forms…it can be accompanied by machismo or tears and can be verbal or nonverbal. Basically, this consists of anything that is an attempt to get you to acknowledge them or feel sorry for them.

Warning Sign #7 – They Constantly Ask for Recognition

A piece of shit who calls you their friend too early will often incessantly highlight the nice things they’ve done for you. This is an attempt to get you to see them as good and beneficial.

A piece of shit who calls you their romantic partner will highlight all of the wonderful contributions they make to the relationship. The piece of shit’s goal is to make themselves be seen as indispensable.

Eventually the piece of shit will use this momentum to convince you that you have not given them enough and that you’re not worthy enough of their attention or good deeds. Through this, they will manipulate you into getting what they want and attempting to keep you below them.

Warning Sign #8 – Fantastic Stories

If someone is constantly telling you fantastic stories, it usually indicates intense insecurity. These stories tend to portray the piece of shit in a favorable light, so that you get thrown off the scent.

Along with this is a strong tendency to lie. Pieces of shit are fantastic liars and have no remorse for telling exaggerating or even completely making up the truth.

If you constantly find yourself thinking that their stories are too crazy to be believable, then you’re probably dealing with a compulsive liar, which is a trait that is inherently native to almost every single piece of shit.

Warning Sign #9 – Never Their Fault

If you’re talking to someone who always has a victim story about how they were abused, mistreated, lied to, or otherwise treated unfairly, then you’re almost guaranteed to be better off never speaking to them again.

Not only will this type of energy drain your own soul, but it also is a very strong indication that this person will do anything to convince others that they’re not guilty…primarily because they feel that they are, in fact, guilty.

Anyone who plays the blame/shame/unfair game is almost certainly a piece of shit. And if they’re not, then you don’t want to be around them anyway.

These are the nine warning signs of how to tell if someone is a piece of shit. Please note that everyone is a piece of shit from time to time and that these rules are not set in stone.

There is a huge difference between a piece of shit and someone who did something shitty. The biggest difference between these two people is a willingness to change.

A piece of shit will not change their ways. They will only prolong their behavior by making you *think* that they’ve changed. They will go to great lengths to apologize or make things right, only to end up right back where they were when you met them.

People who are true pieces of shit have very little interest in getting better, but they are enormously invested in making you think they’re getting better.

If you’re stuck in any type of relationship with a piece of shit who keeps promising to be better, your best bet is to just cut ties as soon as possible. If they’re not making your life better now, then it’s very unlikely that they’re going to make your life better some day.

Sometimes if you’re not sure, it’s best to ask your closest friends and relatives. They usually have insight that’s helpful because they’re not under the hypnosis of the piece of shit.

Always stay vigilant and remain alert. If you see too many of these warning signs, you’d better distance yourself as swiftly as possible.


  1. Basher said:

    These rules have SOME usefulness. None of this accounts for sociopaths, psychopaths, or [‘master’] manipulators. Usually, the people who are the biggest pieces of shit, don’t initially seem like pieces of shit. Or don’t seem like pieces of shit according to this list. While this list is ‘OK’, it’s mostly worthless for identifying pieces of shit. Instead, just practice the ‘rule of 3’s’. Once broken thrice, delete, ignore, and no contact ever again. Simple.

    January 9, 2018
    • D/C Russ said:

      What is the rule of 3’s you’re referring to?

      January 9, 2018

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