How to Transform Yourself into a Badass

We live in a world of excuses.

We live in a world of blame.

Everywhere you look, someone has an external reason why they:

  • couldn’t ___
  • didn’t ___
  • can’t ___
  • haven’t ___
  • are ___
  • have ___
  • don’t have ___
  • can’t have ___
  • etc.

In a previous episode of Align-mentality, I told you about the pact that I made with my friend to write at least 400 words every day.

As far as I know, he still hasn’t written a single word since his initial failure to check in.

When I confronted him on this, I asked him, “Why did you give up?”

To this, he replied, “I didn’t give up.”

This was mind blowing to me…because in his mind he still thinks he’s going to get his book written…someday.

But then I clearly explained to him that he made a pact with me and that he did not do his daily writing, nor did he check in with me as promised.

Luckily, I have a simple formula that helps me determine when a person is full of shit:

Commitment Made + Commitment Unfulfilled = You Gave Up

It doesn’t get any plainer than that.

And when I explained this to him in this manner, he immediately confessed that I was right and told me that he has been “super busy” (words spoken by mediocrity) and his other commitments have prevented him from fulfilling the terms of his pact.

He said, “I just have been swamped with work, wedding planning, and house maintenance.”

There we are, ladies and gentlemen…three solid external forces that have preventing him from doing what he said he was going to do.

Mind you, he was the one who invited the pact with me…I only agreed because I wanted to help keep a good friend accountable with his goals in life.

Now, it is going to be far more difficult for me to agree to something like this again. The sad part is that this particular individual has demonstrated an enormous amount of personal motivation and willpower as an entrepreneur, so I was fairly certain he wouldn’t let me down.

Not only did he let me down, but he cowered away from informing me and keeping me up-to-date on his lack of accountability. He ignored several messages from me before he finally came clean.

This, my friends, is the utter definition of cowardice and mediocrity…literally the exact opposite of what it means to be bold today.

Let’s now switch vantage points for a moment and examine my behavior.

My intention is not to brag, rather to present you with a viable alternative. In no way did I come to this world with strong commitment or willpower…these things I had to practice and train.

When I made the commitment, I did it because I wanted to utilize one of my strengths to help keep a good friend accountable with his goal of writing a book.

He turned to me for several reasons. The first reason is because I have written over 10 books myself and helped publish and compile several others. The second reason is because I have an iron willpower to accomplish goals that I set out to accomplish, as evident by my having not missed a single day of running at least one mile in 10 months (my goal is one year).

Throughout this pact, I have run two businesses, raised a daughter, supported a household, and performed my own house maintenance. On top of that, I worked myself like a dog and ended up falling ill for several weeks. Nevertheless, I so far have fulfilled (and continue to fulfill) my terms of the pact every single day since its inception.

My opinion is that none of these things make a difference when it comes to fulfilling a promise to yourself and a commitment to others. There are no excuses. If it’s 4:00 am and you haven’t yet fulfilled your daily commitment, then do it at 4:01 am.

And, yes, there is a fine line between tough and foolish. But I believe that the personal gain I experienced by toughing it out ended up being far more beneficial to me in the long run. I do not regret it, although I have since taken up dramatic measures to ensure that I stay healthy and balanced from a mind, body, and spirit perspective.

As we stand right now, I am exactly four days away from fulfilling all seven of my 2017 New Year’s Resolutions, one of which was to run seven miles each week. What ended up happening is that I waited until Sunday before running at all, meaning I had to run all seven miles in one session. Although I was fine with this approach, I realized it would be much more hardcore to do the seven miles throughout the week, one mile a day.

Since I’ve tailored that resolution, I have not missed a single day of running in 10 months and I have committed to doing this for a full year.

Do you realize how many times I didn’t want to go on that run? Do you realize how many times I was sick, tired, lazy, busy, stressed, etc.?

I went on two vacations in 2017 and I still found the time to run at least one mile every single day.

I’ve run in the heat, in the rain, in the snow, in the hail, in the sleet, at 12pm, 12am, 4pm, 4am, tired, hungover, sick, exhausted…you name it, I run it.

Ever since I’ve decided to commit to hard shit, every aspect of my life has gotten better. My body is better, my health is better, my mind is better, my income skyrocketed, my personal relationships improved, my self confidence went through the roof, people respect me way more, my wife wants to fuck me more, and I feel better and stronger than I ever have.

When you set out to do something and don’t give up on it, a magical thing happens to you.

You become a badass.

Before you become a badass in the external world, however, you’ve got to become one in your internal world.

That’s why if I say I’m going to do something, I have trained myself to do it no matter what.

That means unless I’m dead or unconscious, I do it regardless of how I feel.

And there are times when I realize that it’s probably not in my immediate interest to commit to a pact I’ve made with myself. For example, there have been times when I was sick and I thought that recovery was more important than running.

But I ran anyway.

I ran because even if I ended up being sick for longer, that eventually the sickness would go away, regardless of my running.

But you know what doesn’t go away?


There’s an easy-to-remember saying that illustrates this point:

The pain will go away, but the victory will always stay.

That’s why I commit to my goal no matter what.

And when you do things like this for a year or two, all of a sudden your life is unrecognizable. And people can tell.

They don’t always notice how or why…but they notice.

And you’ll know they notice because they’ll tell you.

It happened to me recently when I went to an old frat buddy reunion. People commented on the fact that I had a nice “fatherly glow” to me.

Well, I am the first of all my peers to have a child so they wouldn’t necessarily know that fathers don’t have glows.

This father does, but it’s not because I’m a father.

It’s because I’ve been busting my ass since I graduated. I’ve been disciplining myself to want more, be more, crave more, and have more.

I don’t mean more “stuff.”

Stuff is lame. It’s mediocre.

Stuff makes you sallow.

Comfort makes you a bitch.

Discipline, strength, and courage make you a champion…

…a “fatherly” champion.

Someone who rises above the rest.

Someone whom people gravitate toward.

A real life superhero.

A badass.

If every day you do what you say you’re going to do – no matter what – then you too will know the power that is within.

There is a beast inside all of us waiting to be unleashed.

Sometimes you just have to have a trigger…a catalyst.

For me, that trigger was my first ever discipline experiment: A Glimpse Into Discipline. Over 3.5 years ago now, this is when I started my journey to unleashing my inner badass.

From there, I spent the next two years developing my week-long course in discipline, WEEK OF POWER.

I don’t make a lot of money from this course because, honestly, people are afraid to take it. The course isn’t for everyone, because most people are sallow and mediocre underachievers. Most people can’t commit to their word for more than like 3-5 days.

If you want to begin your journey to being a badass, I recommend doing a discipline experiment. Give it a definite time and duration. And make it something that you do every single day…not three times a week.

The reason is that it becomes way too hard to try and stay disciplined unless you do it every day. If you only do it three times a week, you will slack off and wait until Friday to start.

And in the game of discipline, when you lose one day you’re dead.

Lose one day. Fail one day. Then you’re dead.

You cannot miss one day.

Instead of working out for 50 minutes three times a week, work out for 20 minutes every day. It ends up being fewer minutes, but when it comes to building discipline, less can be so much more.

Build discipline first. Then try to build muscle. Or lose weight. Or make money. Or whatever it is you want to do.

Discipline is the driving force – the grit – that will make you unstoppable no mater what your goal or desire is.

It is the only key.

Discipline is paramount.

You need to be able to commit to a goal before undertaking any goal.

Discipline is the least common denominator of everything you do, whether it’s building a multi million dollar business or just standing in a bar waiting for a drink.

When you have discipline, people notice. Your whole world – inside and out – changes dramatically.

Discipline is the glue that holds everything together. And it’s the sparkle that makes everything taste just a little bit sweeter.

Discipline is power.

If you want discipline and you deem yourself worthy to embark on the journey to have it, then I highly recommend taking my course WEEK OF POWER.

It’s only one week, but it’s a week that you will remember forever.

The best part is that it is designed to work with almost any schedule, whether you work full time and go to school or have a mortgage and a family to raise.

WEEK OF POWER will take you from point A to point Discipline faster than anything you’ve ever experienced.

And it’s simple to follow and simple to implement.

Notice that I didn’t say “easy.”

I said simple.

I clear out all of the bullshit. All you have to do is follow the system.

Get through the course and you will feel like a different person.

It happened to me and it was my own dang course. Here’s my experience with the course. It changed my life. I remember being lazy, depressed, weak, broke, and sick, and morally destitute. Then I took the course that I myself had designed and hand-built over the last two years and, since then, I have to admit that life has never been the same for me.

That’s when I started seeing my path, my purpose, and my destiny unfold in front of me.

Everything got better. I had a renewed sense of self worth, confidence through the roof, unshakable resolve, and a massive increase in the level of belief I had in myself. After WEEK OF POWER, I felt great…the best I had felt in a long time. And you will too.

WEEK OF POWER was a major fork in the road in my personal development. And I could never thank myself enough for creating it.

You’ll thank me too…if you can get through it, that is.

It’s just one week. Are you not willing to give one week to change your life forever? Even if you think I’m full of crap right now, isn’t it worth just one week to find out?

Or will you stay in the dog pen!?

Take my course, you won’t regret it. It will change your life forever…just in time for the holidays and the new year. Give your friends and family something to remember you by.

Leave them with the gift of discipline: you.

WEEK OF POWER — only $9 dollars.

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