Is This The Most Far-Fetched Change The Planet Can Make?

I’m an optimist.

I believe in the impossible, I really do.

But the more of the world I become conscious of, the more my planetary optimism decreases.

Are people really this shitty? Or is it merely my projection?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell. Honestly, it’s probably a little bit of both.

When I think of a human being, I see both ends of the spectrum. On one end you have an amazing being with unlimited potential for conscious ascension and interplanetary stewardship. On the other end, I see a selfish, greedy, an inconsiderate primal creature with a primary motivation of increasing its evolutionary fitness and replicating itself (either through reproduction or the transmission of ideas).

Sometimes it’s hard to tell which version of human being is more realistic, and which is more optimistic. Honestly, it’s probably a little bit of both.

Yet, when I look back through the annals of time, I am encouraged by a human race that seems to be getting closer to godlikeness, albeit rather slowly.

By many standards, the world is currently better than it ever has been. Global poverty indexes are at an all-time low, people’s lifespans are dramatically longer, and the overall quality of our lives is better than ever.

And, at the same time, the planet is environmentally in the most danger it has ever been, mostly thanks to humans.

Things like this really keep me in a constant state of thinking. It’s something I can’t quite wrap my mind around.

On one hand you have amazing innovations from scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs that have completely revolutionized the way we do everything on the planet, leading to a much more peaceful global existence.

But on the other hand, you have groups and individuals being lobbied by corporate interests that seem much more motivated to hold everyone back and prolong the enslavement and suffering of human kind.

What’s going on here? Are people inherently good or inherently evil? It’s an age old question that may never be answered.

Can humans govern themselves? Is it even possible?

I mean, if it weren’t for government regulation, our environment would be significantly worse off. Companies would be dumping all of their waste in rivers and polluting the atmosphere to a far greater extent.

And it seems like the only real thing that drives innovation forward is the threat that someone else will put you out of business if you’re not doing a good enough job. This is unarguably one of the basic premises of promoting a free market system.

However, one must ask oneself: is competition the only driving force for improvement? And if so, then what do we do in the case of monopolies? Or what happens when a certain ideology takes hold and now all of the competing companies in a space agree to not compete?

Two examples of this would be planned obsolescence and non-net neutrality.

Everyone knows that, “They just don’t make ’em like they used to.”

If capitalistic competition is to be seen as the holy grail of human achievement, then how do you explain planned obsolescence?

And when companies band together to monopolize a service or utility, how can we rely on competition alone to hold us to a standard that we all deserve?

There must be another way.

What is the next social structure and political/economic ideology that will continue to move humanity forward?

What exactly have we not tried yet that might work? What kinds of ideologies have only just recently been available to humanity since the rise of globalism and the information age? What doors formerly unknown now have the ability to be unlocked and opened?

This is the mentality that fuels innovation and global change.

And if the intention is rooted in common good over selfish greed, then we can expect once more to move humanity into a new era of vitality, ambition, peace, and prosperity.

Here’s the thing: the reason why competition works is because people are lazy and shitty. It’s been demonstrated time and time again: if you let people get away with something, they’ll almost always take full advantage of the opportunity.

But when you’ve got a competitor hot on your trail, ready to take all of your market share, then you’re held to a much greater standard of accountability.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, does it?

And even now that it is this way, you’ve still got companies taking advantage of every opportunity they can get their hands on.

My wife worked as an environmental engineer for a cement factory. Every time she did her rounds for environmental compliance, she would list of a couple dozen things that were wrong.

By law, she had to report these. But her boss wouldn’t let her: “You know that if you report these, my boss is going to be angry with both of us and you’ll probably lose your job.” Instead, the protocol was to hold off until the next meeting, address the issues, and have someone “fix” them enough so that they can reasonably deny the issues.

Sometimes, line items were omitted altogether, with no action having been taken at all.

And this is just one company. This sort of thing is happening all over the globe…people and companies are constantly trying to get away with as much as they legally can without having to be the best they can be, both for themselves and for everyone else.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, does it?

At the end of the day, why are all of these corners being cut? Why is the blind eye being turned on things that clearly affect the wellness and prosperity of all of mankind?

How come we have cars that die in 10 years when my wife and I are still driving around a 1979 Mercedes 300SD 38 years later?

Why is it so damn hard to find a can opener that doesn’t break in five uses?

Why is cannabis still fucking illegal? What the fuck is going on here? And why is the prison system profiting off cannabis users?

How come doctors have turned into pill and drug dispensers? Why aren’t we training our medical professionals toward overall health and wellness?

How come five people can decide who controls the internet and what they can do with it? I don’t remember voting on that, do you?

Look, I can get super angry about all of this. But that’s not good for me.

And there’s a whole lot more about the way things are currently set up that I could list here. Seriously, my fingers would fall off from typing.

But that’s not what this post is about.

This post is about what we can do.

What can we do?

What change can we make?

What is the most far-fetched change people can make to solve all of these problems and more?

Whatever it is, it will take an entire paradigm shift…one we’ve never experienced before.

“Our task today is to find singular ways to create the new things that will make the future not just different, but better. The essential first step is to think for yourself. Only by seeing our world anew, as fresh and strange as it was to the ancients who saw it first, can we both re-create it and preserve it for the future.”-Peter Theil, Zero to One

It might be that the craziest change that we can make is only crazy by today’s standards. This, of course, seems perfectly reasonable. Because the way we live life now would have seemed far-fetched 100 years ago.

Perhaps the most far-fetched change that the planet can make isn’t even available under our current stage of spiritual development. In other words, we might not even be able to predict what the next thought paradigm will be!

That’s like trying to invent a color.

Seriously, try it. Try to think of a color that doesn’t already exist.

That’s what predicting what the next economic/political/social theory will be.

But I do know this: I do know that it won’t be capitalism. It will be free markets of some kind, but it won’t be capitalism.

And before you get hot on your britches here, let me point out that I think capitalism is so far the greatest ideology the planet has come up with so far. But I don’t believe that it’s perfect and we are starting to see the limitations of capitalism in today’s Western society.

Namely, under a capitalist society, corporations end up strongly influencing/controlling the political decisions that are being made. This is a huge problem.

Another huge limitation of a capitalist system is that people and companies usually end up doing the very bare minimum that they can in order to stay in business and control their market share. This, of course, leads companies that have a monopoly into doing things that aren’t in the consumers’ best interests.

It’s at this point where a die-hard capitalist would argue that it’s up to the people to patronize only those companies that align with their interests. In other words, the consumers have the power and they’re just not wielding it (or even aware that they have it).

And there are a few things that are troublesome about this sentiment. The first being that many people don’t have any other purchasing options when you’re talking about monopolies. Secondly, it’s only just very, very recently been possible for consumers to unite together and combine their capacity to vote for companies (every consumer dollar spent is effectively a “vote” for a company to stay in business). Lastly, the amount of information and awareness about what’s happening behind a company’s closed doors is nearly impossible for most consumers to gain access to. The farming culture, for example, has only recently begun to be exposed due to a small minority of aggressive journalists and reporters…the general populace is not usually allowed to see behind the curtain. Moreover, to expect all consumers to neatly organize under a well-endowed education about every single company under all of the sectors they purchase from on a regular basis is more than just difficult, it’s damn near impossible.

So, although capitalism has it’s obvious strengths, there are still so many flaws that results in a huge toll being taken on society and the environment. And, no matter how much consumer-based lobbying and protests are enacted, it rarely seems like it makes any difference.

Am I the only guy seeing this here?

How do we fix it? Do we just keep protesting and hoping to change the minds of the complex corporate network of 9-to-5ers that represent the sum total bureaucracy of a given organization?

No, I think not.

The next system will be based on something so much more than capitalism (which many would argue doesn’t currently exist on Earth in its pure form).

And the next system won’t happen until there’s a massive shift in thought on this planet. And this shift will be spiritually based.

Now, I’m not sure what will excite this shift, or catalyze its onset…but I would guess that it will probably be event driven.

Maybe science will discover the very real existence of karmic-based energy that will help hold people accountable throughout their lifespans and beyond.

Maybe it will be a huge natural disaster that will leave people with no other option but to rebuild society in a way that takes into consideration the entire planet and all the life on it.

Maybe it will be some weird, cosmic solar flare that emits a certain frequency that instantaneously shifts humans’ DNA into a higher state of vibration.

Maybe it will be a prophetic message from another Christ-like figure, or even a higher intelligence such as angels, ascended masters, or even extraterrestrials.

Who knows…it could be all of the above.

But the most far-fetched change that our planet will be rooted in spirituality. Humans everywhere will either use money or not. After all, capital transfer is a rather convenient way of exchanging goods and services…there’s no doubt about that. And sharing economies have proven to be ineffective and idealistic at best.

Whether we use money still or not begs to be answered. But what I do believe is certain is that the priorities of the human race will shift dramatically, both from a conscious, karmic perspective AND from a logical, utilitarian perspective.

People’s priorities will shift from capital and resource accumulation to cooperation, world peace, abundance, and planetary stewardship.

In other words, the new norm will be “Is this good for everyone?”, instead of “Will this make money?”

I also believe that our technology will have advanced well into the quantum computing era, making it far easier to discern whether or not choices are helping to impact the world positively or not. Using sophisticated simulations on exponentially more powerful machines, we will be able to immediately tell what the long-term effects of almost any action will be. Being able to see this data live and right in front of us will show people how their actions impact the world.

Because I don’t believe that many of the choices that are made today would still be made if the chooser could directly see how their actions impacted the world. I also believe that if you were to commit many of today’s atrocities to the actor’s own kin (such as mother, children, neighbors, co-workers, etc.), then they would be far less likely to act in that manner. In other words, it’s much easier to drop a bomb on a bunch of faceless people that you’ll never meet that it would be to do so on your own children.

The reason why this is important is because as our scientific understanding grows and deepens, we will only further advance our perspective that everything is connected. When you affect something in this world, it almost always affects many, many more things than you could have ever dreamed of. Exponential improvements in computer modeling and quantum data tables will almost certainly illuminate these interconnections between all living and nonliving beings on the planet.

One of the most notable of these connections pertains directly to human beings.

Let me ask you this…

Who benefits from a world with a billion starving people in it?

I don’t benefit.

You don’t benefit.

The starving people don’t benefit.

And even the elite aristocracy doesn’t benefit.

No one benefits from having a massive segment of the population barely able to survive.

To think that having ONE BILLION people not producing, not coming up with ideas, not innovating, not planting trees, not building houses, not being educated about reproduction or disease, not growing food….the list goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on…


No one benefits from this.

Yet, here we are…constantly displacing people, removing them from their homes, killing them…

…all while we continue to waste almost a third of all the food produced in the world.

And the food that’s served? Well that’s got poison in it.

We HAVE to use poison on our foods. There just aren’t enough farmers. And they have to use poisonous pesticides just so they can make a profit and survive themselves.

We have automation, permaculture, vast amounts of open land, robots that plant seeds, machines that harvest food…it’s only a matter of time before this process is fully automated. Thank god, because there’s a ton of research out there explaining exactly why our current agriculture practices are outdated (and haven’t really changed much in the 10,000 years we’ve been practicing it as a species).

Whatever this new system is…

However it comes about…

Whatever the catalyst is…

I can almost guarantee that it will be because of technological advancement.

But you don’t have to wait for it to happen.

You’re the star of the show!

You can do your part to bring on the revolution.

It starts by helping you.

And then by helping others.

You do you and then, in return, help others be the best they can be as well.

That’s the secret sauce.

By being the change you wish to see in the world, eventually we’ll all start to see that change.

Even the rich, greedy people will soon catch on.

And let me be direct here: rich people don’t have amazing, perfect lives. Most of the time they’re more miserable than poor people. And it’s because they subconsciously suffer karmically from their oppressive behavior.

But they can’t stop. They’re terrified.

What would you do if you knew that there were at least 100 million people that wanted to slit your throat? Would you loosen the reigns or tighten them?

Being rich and powerful is often more painful than peasantry. Yet, we don’t see that. All we see is the glorification of these status symbols. And we either want to be them or beat them.

But, yes, comrade…all of this will change.

When? I don’t know…give it 50 years at least.

How? I don’t know…probably the onset will be sudden and inexplicable.

Why? Because, damnit, we need it…and a spiritual revolution is only inevitable. It’s happened time and time again throughout history and it will happen again.

The most far-fetched change that the planet will make within the next one hundred years will be based in love, cooperation, and value for all life and its basic needs to survive and then its more advanced needs to thrive.

This is what’s going to happen. And I hope it happens sooner rather than later.

But you can contribute by doing something that helps wake up people’s minds, however slowly.

Just follow your heart, comrade. Do what you know is good.

Not only good for others, but good for yourself.

And always remember to put on your own oxygen mask first.

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