Video: Manifestor (Human Design) – Being Pissed Off

Good day, comrade. D/C Russ here with another great manifestor video. I recognize that only about 10% of you are manifestors. But, who knows, maybe you know a manifestor and this video can be helpful for you in a different way. So, there it is. Posted it. Baam.

In this video I’m pretty pissed off. The world pisses me off a lot. Seems like no one can get shit done. As manifestors, we tend to explode…and when the world doesn’t match that energy, it’s easy to get angry at them. This will never work. You’ll never get the world to match your aura type or energy signature. So you can learn it the hard way by continuing to run your head against the wall…OR…you can accept, relax, and forgive. Remember that the key to being a manifestor is Peace. Be at Peace and everything will just naturally work itself out. Oh, and again, nothing will work out by itself. As a manifestor you do need to take action and initiate in the world…but remember that you can’t control the world. Explode, rest, explode, rest…then go in Peace to Love and Serve the world! Enjoy the video!


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