Manifestors: Ya Gotta Be a Little Crazy!

Friend & Comrade,

I had an impulse to shoot a video, so I shot a video.

I talk about what being a manifestor has meant for me as well as share a couple paradoxical pieces of advice that have helped me to achieve complete freedom in my life.

As always, take from my videos what you want and leave the rest. I mostly talk about what my own experience of being a manifestor has been.

Like my good friend John from Human Design Hawaii says, “Human design has to reveal itself to you.”

It is a framework that you can use to learn about yourself. But you have to do the experiment for yourself and not feel bound by the parameters of the discourse.

It’s true that there are a lot of scholarly folks out there that know a lot about human design…but you’ll never fully grasp the essence of the knowledge until you feel it for yourself, in your own experience.

Human design is not something you can “figure out.” It’s not something you can understand without experiencing it…

…it is a tool for you to use, not a set of parameters that you need to be bound by.

I had someone email me one time with a frantic email because they were so confused about their design. They kept saying, “My chart says I’m a generator but I just don’t feel like it!”

“What do I do” they said, “if I feel like a manifestor!?”

My answer was simple: “Then be a manifestor.”

Do what feels best to you…don’t let yourself be bound by discourse. NEVER be bound by discourse. The world is much more complex and crazy than you and I will ever understand.

So that’s why you’ve got to be a little crazy. Don’t try to understand. Just do what you feel like you want to do and ignore anything that doesn’t resonate with you.

Anomalies exist everywhere…why would human design be any different.

Anyway, thanks for reading my crazy rant…now, I hope you enjoy the video.


Your comrade,

D/C Russ

p.s. if you want more manifestor craziness…check out my human design section for more articles and videos.

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