Mission Complete: One Year of Daily Mile Runs

Today is a special day.
Today marks the 365th day of my decision to run at least one mile every day.
I didn’t miss a single day. Not a Tuesday, not a Sunday, not a sick day, not a snow day.
Over the last year I’ve run nearly 400 miles, roughly the distance from LA to San Francisco, or the entire with of my home state of Oregon.
I covered a lot of ground this past year, both in life and in business…and I did it all one step at a time.
When the rubber meets the road, the only thing that our dreams require is doing just a little bit each day.
Because, by taking life one sure step at a time, you increase your capacity to do more.
Everything starts with one step. Every step starts with one commitment. And every commitment starts with one promise…a promise to yourself.
If you can’t commit to yourself, you won’t be able to fully commit to anything. There will always be a part of you that’s absent.
Today marks a day of celebration for me. For I now know that I can set my mind to anything…and achieve it.
I can’t say I enjoyed many of these runs…maybe 10 total. Most of these miles were inconvenient miles. Most of them were uncomfortable. Most of them had excuses attached to them.
But there is no excuse to pardon quitting…for it is only through quitting that we fail.
You can not fail by under-performing, by making mistakes, or by not meeting your success on a given timeline…you can only fail by giving up.
Through every failure that we deem terminal lies a prospect of greater achievement that we once could not see.
It is only through perseverance that a person can accomplish goals that they can’t yet begin to fathom.
But it all starts with one step…one commitment…and one promise.
Tomorrow is yearning for you to realize this today…because today is all we have.

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