On the Existence of God

An excerpt from the book ‘Three Magic Words’ by Uell Stanley Andersen.


“But certainly if God exists, somebody in all the centuries would have seen him.”

“Many people have.”


“I for one.”

“You’ve seen God?”


“Then what does He look like?”

“Like everything.”

“That means nothing.”

“It means a great deal to me. I look at you and see God. Wherever my eye falls I see God. He is as real to me as you are, more real in fact, for He is the changeless in the changing, the immutable and ever-present spirit that inhabits all things.”

“In my mind those words still sound on the quiet air of the Stanford Chapel. Somehow I sensed the meaning in them even then, though I did not understand them. And as the years gradually enlarged my consciousness, there came a day when I too looked on all things and saw God. On that day my faith, weak and questing as it might have been, was tempered by the steel of knowledge.”

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