One of My Biggest Fears and How I’m Stepping Into It

Hey comrade,

I wanted to share with you one of my biggest fears. Contrary to popular belief, I currently make almost ZERO money from align-mentality. My financial freedom came from being a skilled service provider doing all of the things I learned while TRYING to monetize align-mentality, lol. Ridiculous, I know.

Nevertheless, I can’t just leave this blog behind. I love it. I love sharing what I know. I love helping people. And I feel it’s my responsibility to be a different voice out there in the crowd in order to provide to the world a unique perspective on life.

So I hope my information is valuable to you. And if it is, help me out by sharing one of my videos or subscribing over on the right.

Thanks for being my loyal comrade!

D/C Russ



  1. Urvashi said:

    Hey D/C,

    I am a Right Angle cross of Consciousness. I mostly driven by it, I feel. I have helped people dig deeper into themselves due to certain insights I have while being around their lives or observing them. Some suggested me that I should take it professionally. But I felt this is something which is gifted and is a life purpose to raise consciousness in others where possible. Attaching monetary aspect to it will just tarnish its authenticity. All other work other than this I do is side business from where the sustenance comes from.

    Carry on the great work and helping me too when I needed it the most. Situations are much better now. And indeed all are falling in place on their own.

    Much Love

    November 3, 2016
    • D/C Russ said:

      Thanks so much for the nice words. Much appreciation 🙂

      November 4, 2016

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