One Very Simple (but hard) Tip for Graceful Aging


Cut the products.

Yeah I know Vidal Sassoon told you that if you buy their anti-aging glop that you’ll literally turn back the time. Well, Cher, I have news for you: if you can’t pronounce the ingredient it’s probably not good for your body.

People are waking up to the idea that a human body is a complex organism that exists in a delicate balance with itself and its surroundings. Your skin is not bulletproof. If you put something on it, chances are it will soak into your bloodstream.

In my early 20’s I had really bad acne for about 6-8 months. It was quite severe, as was my regiment of treatments. I tried so many different products, scrubs, etc. I searched internet forums and videos for hours trying to find a solution. I was willing to do anything. I even took the advice of one forum that told me to apply my own urine to the acne. Seriously. I was that desperate. But no matter what I did, nothing helped…until this crazy gypsy lady pulled me aside and debunked all of my misconceptions about the human body. This woman exposed the “marketing” as the very thing that was perpetuating my problem.

So she proposed that I drop everything — even soap. For those who have ever tried to heal their acne, you know how crazy it sounds to not use soap. That’s the fundamental treatment, right? You have to keep it clean.

Although it was hard, and I relapsed several times back to the comforts of my skin products, I was able to make a 100% full recovery within about five weeks by not using anything except water and a gentle, clean washrag. This was highly uncomfortable and my skin flaked and dried and cracked…but eventually my body restored the skin on my face back to perfect again. It was a miracle. And I haven’t had acne since. My secret? NO PRODUCTS. In my shower, I have a bar of Kirk’s Unscented soap. That’s it. I use it as shampoo, body wash, and shaving cream. Works great, keeps me healthy, and saves me money. The best part is my wife is in the same boat. She’s one of the healthiest, sexiest, and tastiest people I’ve ever met…and it’s because she isn’t poisoning her body with lab chemicals.

I see women wearing loads of make-up, thinking they’re “hiding” their flaws when they’re really exacerbating them in the long run. Nothing is more attractive than a natural woman who is smart enough to see beyond the lies of product marketing.

If you want to age gracefully, then present the world with the natural you. Stop hiding behind industrial chemicals that make you look all shiny and stiff like a lizard.

We all have flaws. But if we spend our time dwelling on them and hiding them, then we’re only adding more effort and energy to the problem.

Let’s face it: humans are slimy, stinky, and leaky biological organisms. You can’t change that fact. And if you’re constantly putting on chemicals to subdue your biology, you’re going to disrupt the natural harmony of your body. Perfumes, deodorants, shampoos, soaps, and even toothpastes can all be replaced with natural, chemical-free options.

So, yeah. It might be uncomfortable at first to stop using all these products. You might think you’re not as presentable without them. And this might be true for the short term. But as you learn to grow comfortable with your real self, you’ll find that you identify more and more with the natural, beautiful you. As you continue to eat properly and exercise, your beauty will naturally increase.

If you want to become more beautiful, focus on the finer things in life:

Have goals.

Be of service to people.





And make enough money to live comfortably.

Do these things and your body will become alive and vibrant. You’ll start to heal yourself in ways that you didn’t even know you were unhealthy.

Anything is possible with a balanced, holistic treatment to life. Besides, why would you want to hide your flaws when you can treat them at the source?

Nothing is impossible…as long as you refuse to believe the lies!

If you want any further advice, I have lots of it. I’d be happy to spend some time with you at no cost if you’d like to chat about anything or ask any questions. As always, I’m happy to help a fellow comrade. Just shoot me an email at




  1. James Pelosi said:

    Nutrition is everything. Eat your vegetables, lots of them. Lean red meat and good fats (real butter & coconut oil). Exercise for 20 minutes three times a week. 5 months later you won’t recognize yourself.

    November 5, 2015
    • D/C Russ said:

      Hell yeah, James. Very simple and straightforward. I like it.

      November 5, 2015
  2. Oliver said:

    The differences between older people are enormous. Some look like 90 when they are 60 and some of 90 look like an average 60-year old. There is lot you can do – nutrition and acitivity (physical and mental) are the main reasons for a dignified aging.

    November 7, 2015

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