Parable: The Change Maker



It was the year 3,140 AD.

The forces of magic engulfed the entire planet. Mystery and impossibility had become intimately intertwined with humanity.

Telepathy…astral projection…telekinesis…

…all were quite possible.

It had been already been accepted, centuries ago, that nothing is too lofty for the Human Spirit.

Even time travel was a common practice among people. Visiting the past had become both an educational venture as well as an entertaining diversion.

One day a young man set the intention of traveling to the year 401,325 BC. He wanted to explore his lineage by looking directly into the faces of his ancestors. Within just a matter of minutes of sitting down to meditate, the man’s physiology had drastically changed.

Already, he began to show signs of intense, laser-sharp focus and imagination. Parts of his brain began to glow extravagantly. His face twitched and his body broke out into mini-convulsions.

Suddenly, the entire room started to shake violently as rays of light fired outward from his body. Still sitting in the lotus position, the man began to levitate.

His surroundings quickly began to dissipate until, moments later, the man opened his eyes to see that his reality had completely transformed. He remained in a state of peace and stillness as he looked around at his new surroundings.

Sounds of nature permeated the air. A crisp, clean scent filled his lungs. Trees and plants of sheer size and magnificence dominated the landscape.

Looking around, the man was amazed by the endless ferocity, yet harmonious, beauty of nature. “What a magnificent place,” he thought.

D/C Russ as the time traveler
D/C Russ as the time traveler–look closely

Extravagant unfamiliarity was everywhere. There were no signs that humans had ever existed at all…

…until the man observed in the distance a recognizable sight.

Behind a large bush sat Homo erectus. The early human seemed intently focused on something immediately in front of him.

The young time traveler became consumed with curiosity as he approached the early human.

Quietly, the man watchfully observed the hominid trying to make fire.

His method of choice was the hand drill.

After several minutes of his tirelessly working the spindle, the smoke began to intensify until, all of a sudden, his spinning stopped and the smoke persisted.

A relieved expression fell over his face as he began to carefully wave his hand, fanning the small and delicate ember.

handdrillAnd then the ancient man did something the time traveler did not expect: he set the ember directly onto a large log, hoping that soon he’d have fire.

About two minutes went by as the ancient man stared intently at the ember, waiting for combustion to happen.


A few moments later, the ember had gone out; and the disappointed hominid returned once again to the pursuit of creating another ember.

Judging by his obvious exhaustion as well as the profuse sweat on his brow, it was obvious to the time traveler that he had been at this for quite a while.

The time traveler knew that a fire must start small, gradually building in intensity. He realized the mistake the hominid was making by not first placing the ember into highly flammable tinder.

He could have easily demonstrated this to his ancestor, but he did not…


Well in the time traveler’s home civilization, it is well accepted that you should not disturb beings in other dimensions.

Doing so would be in direct violation of Universal Law.

It would be foolish for the time traveler to take matters into his own hands by trying to shape the future and influence the ancient man.

Instead, he remained invisible and focused on his own observation of the man’s attempt at creating fire.

You see, comrade — so many times in our daily lives we try to change things that are beyond our control.

We manipulate people, refusing to Love them until they behave the way we wish they behave.

This is not only foolish, but it is also highly damaging to others and to ourselves.

Our frantic attempts to control others will only leave us empty in the end as well as create a rift between us and those we try to control.

Focus on yourself, comrade.
Focus on yourself, comrade.

We so desperately want to take the attention off of our own pain and shortcomings that the first place we point is at the flaws of others.

Never, ever, EVER can one successfully change someone who does not wish to change.

No amount of logic, no amount of screaming and shouting, and no amount of begging and pleading will ever catalyze lasting behavioral change in another human being who isn’t interested in changing.


Nevertheless, we do it with our friends…our loved ones…our neighbors…and even the politicians on TV that we do not agree with.

But the most damaging form that this takes is in regards to our own circumstances.

We try so hard to curse fate and blame the challenges in our lives. We see them as painful struggles that serve as a roadblock to our happiness.

But they are not.

This is backwards thinking.

The obstacles ARE the path.

When you ask for happiness and sadness sneaks in, it was not an accident. Only by learning to accept your current situation can you learn to move through it…to see beyond it.

Pain in life only hurts due to our resistance against it.

We actively deny — every single day — the very object of our desires.

This is the one of the most insane behaviors that a person can engage in, yet we all do it anyway.

When we fight to change things, it drains our energy, slows our progress, and brings our desires to a screeching halt.

“Change only happens where there is desire for change to occur.”

-D/C Russ

Unconditional Love
Unconditional Love

The next time you find yourself wishing someone was different, or behaved differently, your best bet is to stop yourself and, instead, begin searching for Love.

This strategy will certainly bring you Peace, Tranquility, and Happiness.

And do you want to know what the craziest thing is?

When you stop trying to change people and events, and instead learn to accept them as they are, a magical thing happens: they begin to change on their own.


  1. Chelsey said:

    I needed this. It is such a consuming habit, but this is an extremely enlightening article.
    Its a hard habit to break and its partly because of fear I think. Fear of letting go, and nothing gets accomplished the way you’d like it to be. But from what I gathered, it takes trust and practice. I do agree that I would be happier if i weren’t so controlling about certain things. It is exhausting.

    October 5, 2014
  2. Jason said:

    Couldn’t agree more, It is very difficult to change yourself, and even harder to change someone else.
    I find that If i want to change someone else I generally don’t need them in my life.

    October 6, 2014

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