Quest: A Penny Saved



Quest Rewards

+50 Abundance
+30 Discipline

Go an entire day without spending a single cent.


Quest Briefing

It’s amazing how much we rely on money just to get by on a day-to-day basis.

We’ve become so accustomed to using it that we sometimes don’t even notice when we spend it.

I think you’ll find it difficult to go just one day without using money at all.

Now, don’t go crazy with this one…unless you want to.

Technically, every time you flip on a light bulb you spend money. And I’m not telling you to unplug your fridge…that might be a little overboard.

If you can walk, bike, or share a ride to work…that’d be cool. But don’t worry about that either. The nice thing about this quest is that it’s flexible.

Generally, don’t concern yourself with fuel, food, or electricity consumption.

For just one day, don’t engage in any transactions that involve money.


Quest Objectives

Exist as you normally would for 24 hours but don’t spend a single cent.


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