Quest: A Reason to Write

Power of Words

Quest Rewards

+20 Self-Awareness
+15 Clarity

Enjoy insights into things your subconscious mind might be telling you. See if you can achieve any clarity regarding things that are on your mind lately.


Quest Briefing

Good day, comrade. You look like you have a lot on your mind! Have you tried, y’know, just putting it all out there?

You might be surprised to see what comes out. Sometimes the subconscious mind can reveal some pretty interesting stuff if you just let it flow.

Try as best as you can to trust what your mind might be telling you. Be as open as possible and don’t judge!

You’ll feel better just by getting some things off your chest.


Quest Objectives

Spend 10-15 minutes writing whatever word, thought, or phrase that comes to your mind. Keep your pen moving and try not to think while you write. Set a timer and unleash the fury!


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