Quest: A Simple Smile








Quest Rewards

+20 Karma
+15 Joy
+15 Love

Spread joy. Become happy.


Quest Briefing

Believe it or not, but there is an enormous amount of power in just a simple smile.

It’s a power that has been endowed upon every single person on this planet. And no matter where you go in this world, a smile is one of the few gestures that transcends all cultural boundaries.

A smile is a small but powerful way to spread joy, convey love, and brighten someone’s day.

It’s like shining a bright light into a room filled with darkness. Only instead of a room, it’s another human being.

A smile is a recognition of another person’s humanity. It says, “I love you, even though you hurt.”

And when you genuinely smile at another person, a lot of magical things happen. My good friend and comrade, Jose L. Romero, says it best:

“A smile can brighten the world.

A smile can bring sunshine to a world of darkness.

A smile can catch the eye of that beautiful woman you’re trying to meet.

A smile can turn a negative moment into a positive one.

A smile can even add more time to your life.

A smile is infectious as others will smile back at you when you smile at them.

A smile can bring warmth and closeness between a man and a woman.

A smile can remind you of those times when you were at your happiest.

All it takes is a smile to change things at that moment for the better! People will tend to treat you differently as their guards will be let down and doors of opportunities will open.”

So turn that frown upside down…

Stop being down on yourself and use your power to change the world both inside and outside yourself!


Quest Objectives

Greet the next five people you see with a warm and friendly smile.

People greeted warmly: 0/5


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Quest: A Simple Smile



One Comment

  1. jose said:

    Well said D/C

    A smile is one of the many powerful tools we can use to meet others or even brighten their day in some shape or form. I make it a habit to smile everyday why because it makes me feel better! It tends to help me relax when i feel a little overwhelmed.

    There is so much anger in the world today and the only way to defeat it is to smile to some one and say “Hello!” It works every time!

    Great post D/C!

    December 29, 2014

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