Quest: Just a Prayer


Quest Rewards

+30 Faith
+25 Peace
+20 Confidence
+15 Happiness

You’ll grow closer to your creator, inheriting some of its infinite power to create loving abundance in your life.


Quest Briefing

What? You don’t know how to pray??

It’s easy, comrade! Just start talking!

When it comes to praying, you just need to come as you are. Bring your toils and your tribulations to the Infinite. Let God wave his magical wand in your life.

Acknowledge the parts of your life that you want to change and then request that these changes be done unto you.

Don’t worry, comrade…you’ve nothing to hide. He already knows it all anyway.

So why not just welcome Him into your life? You won’t regret it.


Quest Objectives

Stop whatever you’re doing and close your eyes. With all your sincerity, talk to your God about your life. Tell your God what you want to change, and then ask that His presence enter into your heart. Tell God that you want something better, and you’ll surely find everything you need to make the change.


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