Quest: Letter to Myself



Quest Rewards

+30 Focus
+20 Self-Awareness

A chance to have a conversation with your future self.


Quest Briefing

Let’s get real here, comrade. You haven’t been real with yourself.

Who are you? What about you do you want to change?

What are your goals? Are you meeting them?

Isn’t it time you leveled with yourself?

Who are you, comrade, and who do you want to be?

I think it’s time we get this out. Let’s do this the old fashioned way.

Grab a pen. Get some paper.

Let’s do this.


Quest Objectives

Write a letter to yourself. Include whatever you feel is necessary.

Feel free to tuck it away in a safe place and read it months or years down the road.

Letter to Yourself: 0/1


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