Quest: Miracle Mile



Quest Rewards

+50 Strength
+30 Discipline
+20 Confidence
+10 Spirit

You’ll believe in yourself more.


Quest Briefing

There’s a song out there that gave me a boost when I was down. Eh…what’s it called…?

Ah yes, it’s called You Get What You Give.

Anyway, there’s a line in there that I thought would help you out. It starts at 1:55.

“4 am, we ran a miracle mile.”

Well, comrade…I have no choice. I have to run that miracle mile. I have to do it…for you.

The question is whether or not you’re gonna join me.

The task is simple. It ain’t easy, but it’s simple.


Quest Objectives

1) Wake up at 4:00am (not 4:05am)
2) Put on running gear
3) Run one mile


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