Quest: Occupy Home


Quest Rewards

+15 Creativity
+10 Patience
+10 Inspiration

You will gain a boost of inspiration and creativity because your mind temporarily breaks out of its normal mode of operation.


Quest Briefing

Try something different…something kinda odd. It might not make sense but that’s not the objective here. Throw away the concept of normal and break out of your normal routine and habits by spending 10 minutes sitting somewhere in your home that you normally wouldn’t.

It could be under your table, in a corner, behind the TV, in the middle of the kitchen floor, or alone in the basement. Just take time to exist there and see what you can discover.


Quest Objectives

Sit quietly in a random place in your house for 10 minutes. Observe how you feel.


Tell a Friend

Have a friend who’s a little weird/quirky? Give them a chance to take this quest by emailing them this link:


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