Quest: Smell the Roses


Quest Rewards

+40 Discipline
+30 Focus
+30 Wisdom

You will have a chance to become extremely present in the enjoyment of creation. This will bring you a higher perspective in your outlook on life.


Quest Briefing

I am in all creation!

Behold: my masterpiece! Take some time, journeyman, and have a look around…

Stay present with it and get a close look. Indulge your senses and let your experience free you from worry.

Go on, comrade, you’ll love this one!


Quest Objectives

Take in the scents and beauty that nature has to offer by collecting ten scents that are pleasing and delightful.

Examine 5 different flowers: 0/5
Acquire 10 Pleasing Scents: 0/10
Breathe the Outside Air at 4:35am
Do a Focused, 71-second breath holding


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