Quest: Spare Change


Quest Rewards

+40 Karma
+30 Love
+20 Happiness
+10 Abundance

You’ll feel great about yourself and you’ll help someone else find their way in this world just a little bit easier.


Quest Briefing

Hey, stranger. You’ve got a few bucks to spare, right? Because there are lots of people out there who could use some extra assistance. Why don’t you go online and pick your favorite charity and see what you can do to help?

It’s simple, just donate 1%-2% of your income from last month. It doesn’t take a whole lot, sometimes the smallest amount can help. Just spare whatever you can and don’t feel guilty for not doing more. Whatever’s comfortable for you.

Remember that whatever you give out comes back to you. So make sure you give gladly and release your attachment to money. You’ll feel really good helping someone else out in this world.

Thanks for your generosity.


Quest Objectives

Find a charity online and donate a small amount to help out. Base this amount on your earnings from last month. You’ll get best results by donating to a cause that you firmly believe in. And don’t feel shy about writing it off on your taxes! That’s what it’s there for!


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