Quest: Snow Friendly


Quest Rewards

+50 Karma
+30 Love
+20 Happiness

You will be blessed with a warmer heart and a greater connection to all people.


Quest Briefing

Brr…it’s c..c..cold out here, comrade! But look around, isn’t it beautiful? Billions of snowflakes and each one of them is unique. Just like people.

Say, why don’t you lend your neighbor a helping hand with this snowfall? It’s sure to warm your heart. Even though we’re all unique, we’re all in this together!


Quest Objectives

Find one person in your neighborhood who could use an extra hand in shoveling a walkway to their house. First notify them that you’d like to help them, and accept no payment afterwards.


Share this Quest

Do you know someone who would like to help a neighbor shovel their driveway? Then email them this link:


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