Social Isolation: The Secret Seething Force of Separatism

Season’s Greetings from your man D/C Russ. I hope you had a great holiday season.

I wanted to talk to you about a topic that I never used to think much of…that is, until it BIT ME like a snake in the grass.

I’ve been bitten and now I’m trying to fight off the effects of the venom.

The snake that bit me is Social Isolation.

Up until recently, I’ve prided myself on being a lone wolf…someone who’s independent, self-sufficient, and self-contained. This pride slowly destroyed my from the inside out as I began to suffer from deep depression and a perpetuating force of social anxiety that prevented me from doing anything about it.

I couldn’t figure out what the problem is. To make matters worse, I started smoking copious amounts of marijuana to cope with the reality of life. Being a stay-at-home dad and running three businesses has taken it’s toll on me in more ways than one. And in order to not suffer immensely, a good bong rip did the trick.

The problem is that I’m pretty intense about stuff…which ultimately means I either abstain completely or I quickly end up in a situation where a wake-and-bake is standard protocol, followed by regular doses throughout the day and a massive smoking session each night.

Surprisingly, I was functioning quite normally. In the eight months that I’ve been smoking like a bat out of hell, I managed to free myself from the clutches of a 9-to-5 job and make 3x more money last month than I’ve ever made in my life (now imagine what’s possible without pot). And I did it as a fully self-employed person. “So…what’s the problem?” you might ask.

The problem is that weed makes you oblivious to subtle forces that eat away at you a tiny amount at a time until you’re so far in the whole that you have to keep smoking just to ease the pain. Smoking was a great way for me to cope with my loneliness for a while, but nevertheless I kept smoking because the drug makes you complacent and be okay with things that ordinarily you wouldn’t be okay with.

As a side note, I wrote in one of my books (can’t remember which one though) about how I had achieved complete sobriety from all drugs, including caffeine and video games. So don’t believe everything you read at face value. Things change, people slip back into their old habits, and we all fail. Often times we tend to believe that successful people are gods, when in reality they suffer from the same frailties of being a human being as everyone else — including, but not limited to, their own perceived lack of deservingness for the abundance that THEY ALREADY POSSESS. Put that in your pipe the next time someone says that your “lack of deservingness” is what’s keeping you broke.

It’s not.

We’re all being lied to, comrades. So I’ll just do my best to keep it real with y’all.

And the most real shit I have to say right now is GO MAKE FRIENDS. You’re not cool because you’re a lone wolf. You’re actually just setting yourself up for a slow death (sorry, Vic).

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t really like people. Most of them let me down most of the time. But I’ve come to accept that’s not their problem: it’s mine.

All I can say is thank God I have a daughter. Otherwise I might not have had the courage to push myself out of my comfort zone to leave my office and go exist in physical proximity with other human beings.

Had I not forced myself to fix this problem for the sake of being a good father and a positive role model, it might have taken me much, much longer for me to realize the amazing benefits of being loved and liked by other people.

Even when I type it, it sounds so lame and needy. But who gives a shit — I’m not going to argue with millions of years of human social evolution. For some reason, we monkeys need to both look at and BE looked at by other people. Just being in proximity with other people is helpful. You can’t live alone in this world. Anyone who says they did is full of crap. Who killed the cow for you to enjoy that burger? Who built the servers that your internet business is entirely run on? And who wiped your ass and fed you when you were too young to do it yourself.

Let’s face it, comrades. We are essentially glorified primates. And 2016 is officially the Year of the Monkey. So be a monkey. Be your biology: food, water, warmth, and closeness. Embrace it, even if it makes you uncomfortable. Even if you’re bored and lazy.

Because if you don’t, you’ll lead yourself down a very lonely road that can actually kill you. Lots of studies have been done on human mortality rates as a result of social isolation and babies in foster homes die at an alarmingly excessive rate when they’re interpersonal connection needs are not met.

This is real stuff. And it actually about destroyed me.

When I quit smoking pot for New Years, I was hit with the most devastating depression of my life for three days. I couldn’t even make eggs without crying and having an emotional breakdown. Part of this is due to my body re-balancing my dopamine neurotransmitter and restoring my GABA levels back to homeostasis. But the other part is due to the fact that for months I was not allowing myself to become “filled up” with the energy that others give us.

2016 is going to be a big year for me. 2015 was the year of financial independence and 2016 is the year of social collaboration. Mark my words, comrade, it will not be long before I am writing an article about how I am a millionaire. And the reason is because I’ve learned the power of collaboration and I plan to put it into full effect starting immediately.

So get out there and have fun. Celebrate with friends. Go hang out with someone even if it’s just to chat. Call your mother. And, above all, keep striving to increase your connection with other human beings. Your brain, body, and bank account will love you for it.

Since I’ve been practicing this, I’ve found that the immediate reward comes simply in the form of just having understood the world through another’s eyes. You’ll see what I mean once you do it.

Sales skills? Fuck that.

Just keep it real and hear people out. You’ll not only be bleeding fucking rich in no time, but you’ll also receive gifts that no amount of money in the universe could possibly quantify.

Thanks for hearing me out, comrade.



P.S. Social isolation is a phenomenon that is becoming widespread due to rises in unemployment and the inability for people to connect with co-workers. This issue is going to be a big problem in the near future, so take it upon yourself to educate others on this topic. The only cure is love, and only we can help. For more info, go read about “rat city”. That shit will blow your ass away.


  1. Cici said:

    A very important topic indeed. We evolved to seek companionship as a survival mechanism in an unforgiving prehistoric world. Not having it just piles on the stress and scrambles you up inside. I know because I’ve been there. I didn’t actually accomplish much at all during that time however(maybe it’s the weed ha). I regret all the time I wasted being miserable and scared of people. It’s no way to live.

    January 7, 2016
    • D/C Russ said:

      Indeed. Friends are good. My wife and I just went and hung out with some friends last night and I can report feeling a lot lighter and a lot more “full” at the same time. It’s pretty great to be around people, especially ones you love and who love you. So that’s great you’re making big changes in your life. Thanks for writing.

      January 7, 2016
  2. Oliver said:

    It’s a paradox of our times that the more we are electronically connected to each other the less are our social abilities are developped – the ability to deal with people on a direct and personal level.

    January 20, 2016

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