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Whatever are you so attached to, comrade, that you’re not willing to exchange it for something better? This one sentence, if pondered, can lead to some deep realizations…some truly saddening. Because when we think of giving things up, we tend to think of the things that are compromising the desires…

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Have you ever worried about something so much that it literally felt like you were drowning? Your breath becomes shallow, you writhe and wallow tryin’ to shake off the pain but it knows you by name. And always it finds you and always reminds you of the hell that exists, the same…

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            Quest Rewards +20 Karma +15 Joy +15 Love Spread joy. Become happy.   Quest Briefing Believe it or not, but there is an enormous amount of power in just a simple smile. It’s a power that has been endowed upon every single person on…

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  It was the year 3,140 AD. The forces of magic engulfed the entire planet. Mystery and impossibility had become intimately intertwined with humanity. Telepathy…astral projection…telekinesis… …all were quite possible. It had been already been accepted, centuries ago, that nothing is too lofty for the Human Spirit. Even time travel was…

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